Music trend ‘Bill Clinton Swag’ spreads on social media


This is a finished product of the Bill Clinton Swag Trend, featuring country albums. Photo courtesy of Molly Conn.

Delaney Walker, Social media editor

Over the past few weeks, there have been multiple Instagram trends that have spanned over various subjects, including women positivity and pets. The newest trend on social media  is referred to as “Bill Clinton Swag,” and is popular amongst users of all ages. 

The challenge includes an image of Clinton from the 1990s sitting on the ground, wearing vintage headphones, smirking and holding up a record. Surrounding him are three other records on the floor; all four of the records consisted of Joan Jetts. 

The trend originated on the website Bill Clinton Swag, where users can use the DIY template. The website provided photoshops of their top four favorite or recently listened to albums in place of the four records in the picture. Once this is complete, the person posting will then nominate three other users to complete the challenge as well.

“I found out about this trend because I was nominated by a friend; I wasn’t really sure what it was at first,” sophomore Molly Conn said. “I used the URL link to put it together.”  

The idea behind the trend is for users to choose their four favorite albums. Those viewing the post can expect to see albums from a variety of genres, including country, rap, pop and rock. 

“I picked my four favorite albums which are ‘Blonde’ by Frank Ocean, ‘Free Spirit’ by Khalid, ‘Apricot Princess’ by Rex Orange County, and ‘IGOR’ by Tyler the Creator,” senior Angelina Brier said. “I picked these albums because they’re some of my favorite albums and I am constantly listening to them.”

The Bill Clinton Swag trend is similar to previous music memes online. This includes the popular image of the character Chandler Bing from the sitcom, “Friends,” sleeping in a leather chair and holding onto a record while wearing headphones. The same way that users “replace” the records Bill Clinton is holding is done with Chandler’s record.

The Bill Clinton Swag trend is spreading quickly throughout social media, showcasing users preference in music.