MSD introduces ‘Girls Who Start’ Club


Matthew Rosenthal, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

“Girls Who Start” is an organization created to inspire, build and connect with future female and male entrepreneurs at high schools and middle schools all around the United States and Canada.

The MSD  “Girls Who Start” program will be led by Seniors Sarah Louis and Abbie Daniels. As leaders of this project, Louis and Daniels will put together a group of men and women to inspire and support each other to become entrepreneurs.      

“Through ‘Girls Who Start’, our hope is to inspire and connect with the future female entrepreneurs at MSD. We will showcase female entrepreneurs who are successful in various careers,” Louis said. “We are also facilitating the expansion of the club to the local middle school, Coral Springs Middle, to get involved with even younger women, enabling them to start their entrepreneurial journeys.”

The “Girls Who Start” program had their first meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 8. They had an attendance of over 100 students from MSD hoping to get involved with the new project. Although the club is open to any student, many of its members came from DECA. 

“I decided to get involved in the Girls Who Start club because when I first heard about it through DECA, it sounded intriguing,” sophomore Jordyn Klein said. “I want to start my own business eventually and this club shows me it’s possible.”

Louis and Daniels went to DECA teacher Sharon Cutler with the idea of starting this new project. With the approval of Cutler, they took the idea and ran with it.

“As you know, our DECA chapter promotes leadership and entrepreneurship. We loved the idea [of Girls Who Start] and quickly embraced it as a great way to promote entrepreneurship for our DECA Chapter,” DECA Academy of Finance teacher Sharon Cutler said.

Check out this new project at or check them out on Instagram