October’s Scholar of the Month: Tehzib Philip


Lily Singer, Senior Arts & Leisure Editor and Senior Opinons Editor

Tehzib Philip, a sophomore at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, has been selected as October’s Scholar of the Month. Philip sets himself apart from the rest of the student body by taking on a rigorous course load while still managing to play multiple sports. 

While only being in tenth grade, Philip’s schedule already consists of four advanced placement classes (AP), two of which, AP Physics and AP Calculus AB, are classes that juniors or seniors typically take. In his AP Calculus AB class, Tehzib is one of only two sophomores in his period. His schedule also boasts AP Capstone Seminar, AP World History and engineering. 

In his short two years at MSD, Philip has already completed one AP class and is in the process of completing four more this year.

“I chose to take the classes that I’m taking because I knew that they would be hard and challenging, and I like challenges,” Philip said. “Even if I struggle sometimes, I am constantly pushing myself to be the best at MSD.”

Philip first began his accelerated route of education in elementary school where he was enrolled in gifted classes. He continued on an honors track at his middle school, where he was a part of the GEM program. The program allowed him to be two years ahead of his classmates in both science and math. 

For instance, in seventh grade while many of his peers were in pre-algebra and life science, Philip was already completing Algebra I and environmental science. In eighth grade, he advanced so quickly through his math courses that he was forced to complete Algebra II and pre-calculus online through Florida Virtual School because his middle school did not offer the classes.  

Tehzib usually spends from 30 minutes to three and a half hours each night on his homework, depending on how much he has to complete. In preparation for tests and quizzes, he typically looks over his notes and past homework assignments in addition to searching for videos online on the topics that he needs help with. 

Philip is also an active member in the L.E.A.R.N. branch of a non-profit called Veraj that focuses on bettering the community through creating connections with children and mentors. The charity is currently in the process of creating a book drive and a youth forum where kids around the community can go for advice. 

“I want to work in whatever way I can to help other people and the community around me,” Philip said.

In addition to his current course load, he intends to take a dual enrollment class at Florida Atlantic University in the spring, preferably in the subject of science. He also has plans to join the National Technology Honor Society at MSD. 

For his junior year, Philip thinks he will take AP Calculus BC, AP Physics C, AP Capstone Research, AP U.S. History and AP Language.  

In the future, Tehzib wants to attend a four-year college where he will continue to play football, with the hopes of one day being drafted into the NFL. After graduation, he has goals of becoming a sports medicine doctor. 

Sports medicine doctors work with athletes to address and overcome any issue that is associated with sports. These problems could include broken bones, joint pain or nutrition questions. 

“Once I graduate high school, I plan on playing football in college and possibly getting a degree in the sports medicine or physical therapist field,” Philip said.

Tehzib is already an active member of the MSD football team, and wants to additionally try out for school soccer, wrestling and track and field. 

“I love doing so many sports because throughout my whole life, it’s the only thing that can instantly lift my mood,” Philip said. “When I’m on the field, I’m not stressed about my schoolwork or any other issues that are bothering me and I can just have fun.”

In order to train for his upcoming athletic seasons, he dedicates a few days each week to workout with friends at the park. His workouts are centered around gaining muscle and perfecting plays and techniques. He also attends the football practices being held at MSD.

“The time that I’m not doing school or working out is usually spent with my friends training or just having some chill time,” Philip said. 

Despite his busy schedule, Philip still manages to find free time. He enjoys listening to music, watching TV and hanging out with his younger brother. 

Philip is very dedicated to both his academic and athletic life and continues to work towards his goal of playing in the NFL and becoming a sports medicine doctor.