The French Club hosts French Week to celebrate their culture


Photo by Nya Owusu

Isabella Palomino

“French Week has always been a tradition of FHS and French Club because it is important to show students French in real-life,” French Club co-president Arianne Mckiernan said. “It shows people French in a more natural setting and ties their learning and understanding into the real-world.”

The cookbook was shared on the first day, providing students with instructions to make French delicacies. On the second, a French playlist was posted on Spotify for students to listen to, and on the third day, the illustrated poem happened. The last day of French week consisted of a trivia quiz with prizes.

The club ensured that it was relatively easy for students to get involved, providing information on the French Club’s social media pages. Both the club’s Twitter and Instagram can be found at @fhsmsd2020.

“Our activities were all planned and executed by members of [the French Honor Society,” Mckiernan said. “We held brainstorming meetings ahead of time to specifically plan for French Week.” 

The club also emphasized that all the activities were being done independently through either social media accounts or Google Forms.

“When French Week is held is decided by the American Association of French Teachers (AATF) each year. Students will be able to learn things about French cuisine, music, literature, pop culture, and history,” Mickernan said.

Any student was able to participate in the activities of French Week, yet some prizes, like the extra credit, were reserved solely for students taking French classes. 

“If we were in school, FHS and French Club would have held a breakfast for teachers, been a part of daily announcements, decorated the classroom and held a Kahoot during an after-school meeting,” the club’s co-president says. 

FHS and French Club both participate in French Week every year to promote francophone culture, get students involved in the clubs and show students French culture outside of a traditional classroom setting.