Aneesha Nookala learns to balance both academics and extracurriculars


Freshman Aneesha Nookala selected as the Scholar of the Month due to her achievements. Photo courtesy of Aneesha Nookala

Phiona Smith and Dhaanya Balaji

Nookala is enrolled in almost all honors courses, including Spanish 3, biology, English I and Business Entrepreneurship. She also takes advanced placement Human Geography, the only AP class freshmen are eligible to take. 

Along with her full school schedule and heavy course load, Nookala has managed to partake in a range of after school activities such as biking, drawing and dance. 

“I have been dancing for 10 years and I also play tennis,” Nookala said.

Although academics are important to Nookala, she makes sure to find time in her day to sit back and relax. In her free time, she spends quality time with her family and watches movies and television shows on Netflix.  

“I try to balance my school and social life by finishing my homework early or by giving myself a break from school for at least an hour,” Nookala said.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic and its social distancing guidelines, Nookala would spend her break time hanging out with her friends; however, now that interactions must be either socially distant or virtual, Nookala spends time with her family with different activities such as playing Wii Sports Resort. 

To maintain good grades, Nookala typically uses a study method in which she learns the material, practices and reviews. This has been very beneficial throughout her academic career.

“I study through Quizlet and [I] go over my notes a couple of times before [a] quiz,” Nookala said. “[I also] make sure to review before class.”

Nookala finds school important because she believes it will help her reach her career goals, particularly her dream of becoming a physical therapist, or another profession related to sports medicine.  

Nookala also experiments with the arts in her free time. She enjoys sketching, painting and dancing when she finishes her work. Her priorities revolve around her family and friends; however, school is a close second on her list. Nookala contributes to her academic career by getting assignments completed and turned in on time and remembering to attend club meetings such as DECA, Red Cross and INTERACT Club. 

Along with academic success, Nookala also undergoes many struggles. Sometimes, she finds herself losing motivation to complete her homework, having to remind herself to master the subject in order to accomplish her ambitions.

“I struggle with focusing on my homework because I do not have much motivation to complete it,” Nakoola said. “However, I know that in the long run, it will only help me with [my] understanding of the subject.”

 Nookala’s goals for the future are to get into college, to become a physical therapist and to start her own business.