MSD students learn to find a balance between their safety and their social lives


Sasha Lechtenstein and Alexa Schulman socialize all while maintaining covid-19 precautions. Photo by Dana Masri

Eden Rothstein and Lexi Dalva

Throughout this past year, COVID-19 has affected the social lives of many teenagers worldwide. Students have learned to balance their daily interactions all while taking precautions to stay safe during the ongoing pandemic. Although life is not what it used to be, students still have found ways to socialize with others during these difficult times. 

One of the many ways students interact with one another is through physical activity and organized sports. Some of these interactive sports include basketball, soccer, dance, lacrosse and baseball. 

The Rec organization has been one of the many establishments that have allowed students to participate in activities of their choice. The Rec community has always prioritized student safety and security, particularly during these socially isolated times.

“In my free time, I attend dance as my way of socializing outside of my home,” Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School freshman Amanda Visners said.

Outside of organized activities, many students have been having socially distanced hang outs with friends while following proper COVD-19 precautions. There are a number of ways students can safely meet, some choose to go to the park, while others sit in a friends backyard or go to the pool.

Teens need to expand their social life, especially during these times when socialization is limited. Dance and outdoor physical activities are just some of the ways for students to safely socialize. 

As an effect of staying home for much of the year, students have encountered several social and emotional challenges. Many students have learned to cope with these issues as time has progressed in various ways, whether it be through music, dancing, hanging out with friends or sports.  

“Over the past year it has been very difficult to maintain a healthy social life,so in order to do so, I have been talking to my friends on the phone, whether it’s through text, snapchat or facetime,” freshman Jessie Gesund said. “I hangout with a couple friends on the weekend, which helps me stay social in these hard times.”

There are multiple challenges students have faced this past year, and the lack of socialization has definitely been one of them. Not only have students been locked in their homes for a year, but they have also been known to reduce their daily social lives. Social media seems to be the only way for students to socialize while staying safe. 

“Not only has my social life been affected by this virus, but my mental and physical state of mind has definitely been impacted as well,” sophomore Sydney Wolfman said. 

Students have learned how to keep themselves preoccupied within their own home by considering creative activities, including challenges to do over zoom calls with families and friends. Other ways students managed their boredom at home was through social media, watching TV and Tik Toks, as well as going outside and doing any form of physical activity. 

“Over quarantine, I spent a lot of quality time with my family and worked very hard at progressing in my dance skills to keep myself busy during the day and on the nights that I was bored, I typically just scrolled through social media or called a friend,” Visners said. “Though quarantine was not the most enjoyable experience, I have still found ways for me to keep myself occupied and enjoy quality time with those who mean the most to me.”

Despite the fact that COVID-19 has seemed to take over the majority of students’ lives, teens have learned to balance staying safe from the virus as well as maintaining a healthy social life. Students have found ways to socialize with others all while taking the necessary precautions needed to stay safe.