Katie Spallina escapes reality through her artwork

Artwork courtesy of Katie Spallina

Kelly Cooke and Ryen Kowalczyk

Scrolling through Instagram, one may find a page featuring a variety of art pieces produced by their fellow classmate. From trippy unconventional works to pop culture inspired designs, Katie Spallina displays her artistry through her account. Spallina is currently a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Spallina has taken an interest in art since she was five years old, starting out with small sketches in her notebooks before moving to paper, and later canvases. As of now, she has been painting for 12 years.

Spallina was enrolled in her first art class at six years old and took lessons for three years. She continued her education in high school by taking both Art 1 and Art 2. 

Spallina’s main inspiration to paint comes from both her grandmother and her future. She looks at art as more than just painting. Spallina can escape reality through this form of expression and can imagine the big picture, deeper than what meets the eye.

“I paint every week,” Spallina said. “I enjoy knowing that I can make art not only for myself, but others too. I recently started selling my paintings and created an instagram account for them.”

A few months ago, Spallina decided to sell her work by advertising through Snapchat and Instagram. She takes any requests and her pricing price varies on size and artwork. She has sold over 50 paintings to friends, relatives and supporters. 

Spallina enjoys painting with bright colors and abstract details. She describes her paintings as “interesting” because she does not want her paintings to “bore” anybody.

“When I paint, it’s almost like I escape reality. My hands, mind, and heart are all put to work. It relaxes me so much,” Spallina said. “I know there is always room for improvement and I can just keep getting better.”

Spallina’s plan after high school is to attend an art college and study art abroad. These goals have always been two of her main interests since she was a child because of how much she enjoys painting. 

“Since I was younger, I would always talk about fulfilling my dream [by] doing something big with my art. Now that I sell it and people buy it, it feels like I am really going somewhere with my work,” Spallina said. 

During her free time, Spallina enjoys playing lacrosse in addition to art. As she practices frequently during the school year. As the school year comes to the end and more time becomes available, she will continue improving her drawing skills and build a future with her artwork.