MSD student earns Nordstrom scholarship


Lauren Newman


The Nordstrom Scholarship is worth $10,000 and is awarded to only 80 high school students each year throughout the United States. Nordstrom is thrilled to help dozens of outstanding students reach their goals of attending a four-year university.

Senior Isaac Hetzroni, a self-proclaimed over-achiever, recently earned one of these rare Nordstrom scholarships. He holds the title of Senior Class President, and is also is the founder of the MSD Health and Fitness Club. Last year, he even planned his own charity obstacle course known as the 5K Soldier Rush.

“I freaked out when I won. I knew something was up when the whole class was acting weird, but I couldn’t be sure until they showed up in my class,” Hetzroni says. “They came in with a jumbo check, a MacBook and fancy cupcakes for the class. I felt so relieved and accomplished.”

According to Isaac, there was a three-step application process that was spread out over the course of six months. It included a written application with two essays, his transcript with a recommendation letter, and a 15-minute Skype interview.

Isaac plans to use his new scholarship money to go to a top business school and double major in marketing and engineering. He hopes to improve the health of people in any way he can. His goals for the future include starting his own sports and fitness technology company that will help people around the world become healthier and stronger through the use of technological innovations.

“The best part was seeing my brother so overwhelmed with excitement,” sophomore Lauren Hetzroni says. “I’m so proud that all his hard work has finally paid off.”