Drake and Future, ‘What A Time To Be Alive’

Gillian Marton

On Sept. 20, rappers Drake and Future surprised their fans with a new mixtape titled What A Time To Be Alive. In this album, the dynamic duo combined their talents to deliver a total of eleven songs which they claim to have produced in a very short amount of time.

Although the two artists collaborate as a cohesive unit claiming their success, the album also expresses their individual struggles and feelings. Throughout the album, Future refers to his inner demons which come in the form of drugs and past relationships. On the other hand, Drake mostly focuses on how fame has impacted his life and the faults he has experienced in previous relationships.

“I really enjoyed the album because it was very introspective and compelling,” junior Julia Sherman said. “Drake and Future are two of my favorite artists and their efforts to create an album together was anything short from perfection.”

The first two tracks of the album, “Digital Dash” and “Big Rings,” make use of hard hitting beats to exemplify the pinnacle of their careers and their big plans for the future. The tone of the album transitions with  “Live From the Gutter” as it expresses the hardships that accompany fame. The album continues with “Diamonds Dancing” and “Scholarships” which present their past struggles from drug addiction to dysfunctional relationships. The mood of the album evolves as several tracks such as “Plastic Bag,” “I’m the plug,” and “Change Locations” describe the party lives of the two artists. The ninth track, “Jumpman” is named after Michael Jordan’s clothing brand logo, which Drake has a part in. The end of the album includes two solo tracks from each of the artists. Future’s solo track, “Jersey,” serves as a platform in which he speaks out about his extravagant lifestyle and devoted team. In “30 for 30 Freestyle,” the last song of the album and Drake’s solo track, he throws multiple jabs at his haters including artist Meek Mill as a response to their ongoing feud, discusses intriguing his success, and addresses the rising violence in his hometown.

“Every track had a story, and I appreciated that,” senior Tatiana Pincever said.  “I felt that the album was very progressive and thoroughly encompassed the creativity of the artists as the album included multiple witty references.”

What a Time To Be Alive debuted as number one on the US Billboard 200 and was also rated a 3.5 out of 5 by the Rolling Stone.

The enticing beats and reflective tracks combine to create an intriguing album, exciting Drake and Future fans. The album continues to receive positive feedback from supporters.