Three Dimensional Is Sick….Literally.

Dante Sacks

The Walk, a newly released film out in theaters now, centering around a true story about a man who walked across a wire connected two the twin towers in 1974, contains a three dimensional feature that is infamously known now for making people throw up.

Tweets made from earlier this week by first hand viewers in the theater, have shown comments about their…sickening experience. With the information given from the viewers, it seems to be a “Bad visual trigger from vertigo sufferers”, as one witness stated.

According to the critics, it was a nauseous 20 minute scene that had the theater filled with viewers gagging. The director of The Walk, Robert Zemeckis, has had plenty of experience with three dimensional movies, as his goal for this specific film was to maximize the realism, although this was clearly a little too much for some viewers to bear.

There is indeed scientific explanations that ties into why many viewers had felt so nauseous, and it has to do with our eyes. According to studies, the mismatched focus of which our eyes converge from the three dimensional glasses, is the reason why most have felt so sick while watching the movie.

With that said, this movie is highly recommended for those who want to be exhilarated by the three dimensional features, but if you’re a person with a light stomach, you should probably hold back on this film!