Hannah Kravec joins school band as a senior


Dana Masri

Senior Hannah Kravec joined the MSD Eagle Regiment as percussionist in her senior year. Photo by Dana Masri

Hannah Kravec is a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and a member of percussion in the school’s band. Joining in her senior year, Kravec has had to learn to navigate through the experience, learning the ropes and meeting new friends along the way.

Three years ago, Kravec decided to pursue her interest in playing drums when Kravec’s dance teacher recommended to do so in order to improve her rhythmic understanding and form a mindset similar to that of a musician. Kravec has continued to play ever since, connecting to the instrument and enjoying the practice she had been doing.

“I joined percussion for senior year because it always sounded really fun, and I finally felt like I was at a level where I could contribute to the group,” Kravec said.

While Kravec was a bit hesitant to join a team that had already known one another on a personal level, she has had invaluable opportunities while in the class, feeling encouraged and immediately welcomed by all of her peers.

“I’m so thankful for them, they’ve made this really weird year feel like a lot of fun,” Kravec said.

Along with the social aspect, Kravec believes that band has been a tremendous asset toward improving an array of her capabilities, especially with the help of the band coaches and all of the practices held throughout the year.

“Being in percussion has forced me to really be aware of my surroundings as a musician so that I can best fit in with all the complex parts of our group,” Kravec said. “I believe that my internal metronome, my ability to read music and my listening skills have all very much improved since joining band.”

What Kravec loves most about band are the moments when emotion and unity pour out of the music.

“My favorite part of band is the feeling when we all get a really awesome rep in and everyone is super together,” Kravec said. “It feels amazing to play music, especially when it evokes strong emotions.”

With plans to attend Emory in the Fall, Kravec is more than willing to move forward with her career in percussion, potentially joining a similar team when in college.