School Spirit Shines at Underclassman Pep Rally

Rebecca Schneid

Sophomore students participating in the underclassman pep rally.

Yesterday Sept. 16 2016 during sixth period, underclassman filed into the gym for the annual pep rally. The Freshman and Sophomore classes cheered as D.J. Franky Pete from Hits 97.3  and other administrators introduced entertaining performances and the school’s sports teams.

After Pete introduced himself, and JROTC presented the nations flag, the rally began with the introduction of the school’s state championship-winning baseball team. The crowd looked on and cheered as the baseball team unveiled their National Championship Banner on the gym’s wall.

Shortly after, Pete introduced Douglas’s sports teams, who ripped through their team’s paper banner and ran across the gym, basking in the cheers of their peers and classmates once they were announced. The teams presented included the bowling team, the cross country team, the swim team, the volleyball team, the golf team, and the junior varsity football team. “Sometimes I don’t get to see who is representing us out there when playing. It’s pretty cool to watch all of them run around the gym together, you know. I think all of us are pretty proud of them,” Grace Thornburg said.

After these athletes were announced, the JV cheer squad came to dazzle the crowd with their tumbling skills and entertaining routines. Soon there after, many students jumped to their feet and danced as the school’s drum line played some catchy songs for the gym,

“The drum line was my favorite part because I just love all of the songs that they play and I relate to them the most since I am in band,” Freshman  Angelina Brier said.

There were two more dances, from the step team and two boys from Non Stop Juniors. Both performances led students to jump up onto their feet and scream their praises at the precision and skill the dancers showcased in their pieces.

“The step team really stepped up their game this year! I loved watching them,” Sophomore Crystal Tang said.

After an hour of unrestrained school spirit and passion, the pep rally ended with a seemingly hilarious dance from the boy’s leadership Powder Puff dance team. The boys lined up and showcased their routine that left many freshman and sophomores breathless in laughter.

“I couldn’t stop laughing,” Caroline Haight said.

Overall, the pep rally provides Douglas’ student body with a time to not only show spirit for their own class, but also for their whole school, and their hardworking fellow classmates that participate in dance, cheer, and sports. The pep rally allowed room for a school spirit that led the school into its highly anticipated homecoming football game last nigh at 7 p.m. and its homecoming dance, today Sept. 17 2016.