[Review] Bubbakoos Burritos is a unique experience for food lovers


Malena Molina

Grand opening of Bubbakoos Burritos set for the end of summer. It has now been recently opened and their juicy savory food can be enjoyed by all.

Alison LaTorre and Malena Molina

Recently opened at a new Coral Springs location, Bubbakoos Burritos has a fun name and lively atmosphere to match its name. Advertisements of their newly launched food spark your appetite and crave more of their delicious selections. Though this location recently opened in fall on Friday, Sept. 10, their grand opening date had been discussed to be the end of summer.

All entrees start at $9.95 with a maximum $3.00 additional charge depending on the protein of your choice. Similarly, the appetizers start at $4.50 and increase based on topping choice.

Well decorated, the restaurant has a modern and welcoming vibe, which is an ambiance not many restaurants give off. There were modern soda machines, couches, chairs and posters.

We stood in line for over an hour, and the wait definitely was the worst part of our experience. Although this restaurant is obviously popular, we did not expect such a lengthy line.

Eventually we got our food, served in a similar fashion to restaurants like Chipotle and Subway. You simply tell the worker which protein you want and they take you through the process of choosing which ingredients to add in your entree. However, we would rate the customer service a 6/10 due to the extensive wait.

Once we got onto the line, we decided to order one part of our meal, a burrito bowl. Several restaurants like Bubakoos have burrito bowls, most containing the same proteins, grains and sauces. Though these burrito bowls had a large range of protein, the options were not the best. They had toppings that didn’t seem necessary in a burrito bowl, like having over three different types of salsa and other unnecessary ingredients. Although there was a protein for everyone to enjoy, the prices definitely did not satisfy the taste.

We ordered a burrito bowl with rice, buffalo chicken, black beans, salsa, queso, sour cream and cheese. While some of this bowl was mediocre in flavor, the taste of the chicken and the overly mixed contents was not satisfactory. Overall, we will rate the burrito bowl a 5/10.

There were two options of how to order your meal: get the entree by itself or order as a meal. With the meal you get an entree, a bag of chips and a refillable fountain drink. The chips did not disappoint. They were salty, crispy and came in a large quantity, making it the best part of the meal.

They had a variety of soda drinks to choose, along with water, juice and lemonade. The machines were very user friendly with clean labels for each drink.

Another item we ordered was the Chiwawa, a lightly fried, panko crusted, cheesy rice ball, smothered with nacho cheese, choice of meat and other toppings. We chose Chicken Bacon Ranch, with tomatoes and queso.

Served warm, the chicken was crispy and sauteed with a creamy ranch sauce on top of the crispy rice. Expecting the bacon in bits, it was a shock to see the bacon served fresh in full pieces.

The spiced ranch chicken was not spicy, it does leave a light tingle in your mouth, but nothing too extravagant. The tomatoes presented as juicy and cool in contrast to the savory queso shredded above.

The overall experience was mediocre, yet the ambience was calming, resembling a future popular teen hangout. Price range was affordable and the portions were worth the money spent. Therefore, we would rate the overall experience a 6/10.