[Review] Crumbl Weekly (10/18-10/23)


Ava Jurick

Crumbl introduces new flavors each week. The four new flavors this week are Sugar featuring Twix, Bubble Gum, Peanut Butter Cup featuring Reese’s and Classic Krispy Bar.

Ava Jurick, Writer

Crumbl, the local cookie shop, features six flavors of cookies each week, including two year-round flavors: Milk Chocolate Chip and Classic sugar. The four new flavors this week are Sugar featuring Twix, Bubble Gum, Peanut Butter Cup featuring Reese’s and Classic Krispy Bar.

Sugar featuring Twix was absolutely my favorite cookie this week. It is served chilled, which I usually do not appreciate, but to my surprise it was delicious. The cookie base was sugary topped with a gooey layer of caramel, creating the perfect combination. Above the caramel was a layer of milk chocolate that made the cookie taste like a real Twix Bar. The cookie even included a mini Twix Bar at the top that definitely added to the cookie’s 10/10 rating.

Served warm, the Bubble Gum was my next favorite. The base of the cookie was classic sugar topped with a smooth Bubble Gum flavored frosting. I enjoyed the Bubble Gum taste, but it was a little strong for a cookie. The cookie also had white sprinkles at the top and a real bubble gum piece, which was a nice addition and I would give this cookie a 7/10.

Peanut Butter Cup featuring Reese’s was also served warm. I am not a fan of peanut butter but this cookie would definitely hit the spot for peanut butter lovers. The base was a peanut butter cookie topped with even more peanut butter, which was too much for my liking. The cookie was topped with crushed Reece’s cups, which was the best part of the cookie so I would rate this a 5/10 for the cookie itself but not the flavor.

My least favorite cookie would have to be the Classic Krispy Bar. The cookie was served warm and consisted of marshmallow, vanilla and butter flavors. The cookie did not necessarily taste like a Rice Krispy Treat. It had a crunchy texture that was almost difficult to bite into. I would rate this cookie a 3/10. It tasted sweet but not like a cookie.

The cookies this week were unfortunately not my favorite Crumbl flavors. While I was pleasantly surprised by the real candy pieces added to the top, the cookies themselves did not live up to my expectations. All in all, I could have just gone to a local store and bought candy to celebrate this Halloween season rather than purchasing this mediocre selection of cookies this week. Hopefully Crumbl will amaze us with their flavors next week!