Cherry Smash serves delicious new flavors for the fall season


Claire Piklor

Cherry Smash fall flavors are back! Their festive decorations accompany their delicious ice cream flavors to leave you in the spooky spirit. Cherry Smash is now serving Cinnamon Apple, Caramel and Pumpkin Pie, fall inspired flavors.

Bailey Carter, Writer

With the arrival of the fall season, a variety of companies such as Starbucks and Trader Joes have released their twists on widely cherished autumn flavors. Cherry Smash is yet another beloved establishment that has released a wide assortment of delicious seasonal flavors.

Cherry Smash, which is located in Coral Springs, is a popular ice cream parlor for people of any age. Inside the store, Cherry Smash offers the perfect old fashioned feel, while also delivering a delicious range of desserts, like sundaes, shakes and floats. The parlor itself is filled with vintage decorations, providing more to just your typical ice cream experience.

With pumpkin spice being one of the most famous crazes of fall, I decided to try Cherry Smash’s take on this beloved flavor. I am typically not a fan of pumpkin, but I absolutely loved this ice cream. The pumpkin flavor was not too strong nor too light, allowing the perfect, tasteful balance. The taste of nutmeg and cinnamon were prominent, adding a slight gingerbread taste. I would absolutely recommend this flavor to anyone who wants to branch out and try something new this fall.

The next seasonal flavor I tried was Apple Cinnamon. This flavor is yet another popular autumn flavor, so I was very intrigued. This ice cream took me by surprise and exceeded my expectations. The base of the ice cream is a rich, light flavor that tastes similar to cheesecake. The apple flavor was absent however, which was unexpected but still very enjoyable. There is a smooth cinnamon sugar glaze incorporated into the ice cream which was delicious. The flavor of cinnamon was not too strong, yet provided the perfect taste of your ideal cinnamon flavor.

The third and final flavor I decided to give a shot was Granny’s Pecan Pie. As the name suggests, this ice cream included lots of pecans. The base of this ice cream is very similar to that of Apple Cinnamon, creamy and thick. There are clusters of pecans which were not my favorite, as I am not a fan of nuts.The mix of the nuts and the soft ice cream provided an ideal consistency. Despite the pecans, this ice cream was probably my favorite. The main flavor of this ice cream is truly the taste of fall in a cup.

The parlor definitely does not lack in seasonal spirit with a huge assortment of exhilarating Halloween decorations of all sorts. From life-sized characters to spooky figures that jump out at you, the decor truly enhances the experience itself. The sight is mesmerizing, making me stare in awe at the scenery.

I am truly looking forward to visiting Cherry Smash while these delicious seasonal flavors are still available. All in all, these flavors are perfect for those who are looking for savory fall flavors and a spooky experience within the parlor.