[Opinion] Students should pick their own school curriculum


Katelyn Laverde

The ability for students to pick their own curriculum has more positives than negatives.

Lyla Sachs, Arts & Leisure editor

Although the “real world” is mentioned throughout high school several times, school is not preparing students the way they should be. The curriculum students are currently learning is outdated and needs to be renovated to suit modern society.

A high school student is required to sit in a classroom for seven hours for five days a week, learning basic and complex subjects. Half of these courses are important and needed for life after school; however, the other half is irrelevant as most jobs do not require complex subjects, such as physics.

The curriculum schools utilize today was formed in 1918, a time when society was much different. Schools have various resources and new technology to assist students in pursuing their future aspirations. Since a job involves a different set of requirements, schools should serve as a learning center. Instead, students sit in a class they are likely to forget by the next year.

After students complete their basic core classes, they should be able to move on and form a schedule that helps them decide what career is right for them in the future. School has the potential to become an enjoyable place for students if they are doing something that will truly help and prepare them for what’s to come. Instead of forcing students to sit in a class that bores them, schools should be encouraging students to pick classes that will resonate with them throughout their life.

While most students are not sure what they want to spend the rest of their life doing, choosing classes that sound interesting can help push them in the right direction. When they are ready to graduate and leave for college, they will have an idea of how to approach and adapt within their new setting. In college, if they choose to go, students will be able to expand their knowledge in the subject they have spent the previous four years learning.

The classes offered in school should be seen as an option and students should be able to pick which ones they will need or want to learn. As a result, they should be able to experiment and find themselves throughout the process. High school can give students a snippet of what life can and will be for them in the future.

Required classes should include subjects based on classes essential in life, such as ones about taxes, bills and saving/spending. When no one is teaching high school students how to do this, the students are then expected to learn on their own. If high school really prepares students for the future, they should prepare us students for what is expected of adults.