[Review] How the cookie Crumbl’s (11/8-11/13)


Zoe Payton

A new week means new Crumbl cookie flavors! This weeks cookie flavors are Dulce de Leche, Peanut Butter ft. Reese’s Pieces, Pecan Pie, and Chocolate Cookies & Cream.

Sofia Schorer Kaplan and Alison LaTorre

Week after week, Crumbl Cookies releases a variety of unique and delicious flavors for all to enjoy either in person or for pick up. This week, the new cookie flavors were Dulce de Leche, Peanut Butter ft. Reese’s Pieces, Pecan Pie, Chocolate Cookies and Cream, and the recurring Classic Sugar and Milk Chocolate Chip.

Starting off strong, Dulce de Leche was one of the best cookies this week., Dulce de Leche. This cookie was served warm, with a smooth, soft and tender base that matches perfectly with the creamy icing. Being someone who has previously tasted an original Mexican dulce de leche, this cookie resembles the feeling of the warm, creamy, sweet treat. Having the silky, soft taste of dulce de leche spread atop the cookie, it adds a sweet and sugary taste. Overall, we would rate this cookie a 9/10 because of its delicious taste and texture.

Next, we dove straight into, yet again, another cookie and cream flavor from Crumbl. This Chocolate Cookies and Cream cookie was definitely our second favorite, from the Oreo taste to the delicious fluffy cream chunks mixed with the chocolate. The chocolate part of the cookie however, was definitely the best part. It almost exactly resembled the taste of an Oreo, which matched really well with the cream. Overall, we would rate this cookie an 8/10.

Another amazing flavor was Peanut Butter ft. Reese’s Pieces. This cookie was served warm and had a generous serving of Reese’s Pieces all throughout the cookie. As a warm cookie, the peanut butter flavor melted with Reeses Pieces, leaving a comforting flavor uniformly. As someone who enjoys peanut butter, it would have been refreshing to see a new twist on the classic flavor of peanut butter. Overall, we would rate this cookie a 7/10 as it was tasty, however, felt unoriginal compared to other peanut butter flavors.

Lastly, the final weekly flavor was Pecan Pie, probably the best executed cookie of the week. The cookie had the most unique cookie dough, and was shaped around a little pie with pecan filling in the middle. It featured warm, sweet notes of brown sugar and cinnamon that reeled into the spirit of fall and Thanksgiving. The combination of the warm cookie with the comforting pecan filling created a mesmerizing experience. Overall, I would rate it a 10/10 as it was the most original flavor of the week and had a pleasant experience.

This is one of the best Crumbl weeks yet, and we definitely recommend trying all the flavors before the week ends. Overall, we would rate this week’s cookie choices a 9/10.