Senior Jaiden Sage develops her passion into a career through a clothing line while balancing full-time schooling


Malena Molina

MSD senior Jaiden Sage started a clothing line that features clothes uniquely tailored to her aesthetic and style.

Sofia Schorer Kaplan, Social Media Editor (Class Intercom)

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School senior Jaiden Sage combined her love for art and fashion and transformed a mere hobby into a possible career.

Freshman year brought Sage plenty of creative promises that continue to hold true in her senior year. Sage created her own clothing line, named Sage Off Saturn, during her freshman year and has continued to pursue it since.

Clothing provides an outlet for her creativity and expression, opening new pathways and opportunities. The line itself stemmed from Sage’s love for both fashion and art; she knew her initiative was something she could combine both her interests into. The line is mainly customizable streetwear orders placed by customers through her Instagram account.

“I painted this one pair of pants, like powerpuff jeans because I saw a picture on Instagram. I saw that lots of people started to paint their pants and I thought this was so cool,” Sage said. “I get a ton of people asking me to make customs [pieces] for them. It definitely is slow just because I am a student.”

Sage’s most popular orders are customized pants that she either paints, patches or bedazzles. While a full-time student at MSD, Sage works on online orders whenever she has free time and is currently working on building her social media platform.

“My goal is to grow on social media,” Sage said. “I have been trying to grow on TikTok mainly because it’s a platform where you can grow exponentially in such a short amount of time.”

Through social media, an influx of customers stream in, allowing Sage to further develop her passion into a career. Sage’s process of clothing creation is rather different than most would expect. Her methods include upcycling and thrifting, which mainly encompass turning discarded clothing and transforming it into something brand new.

Pricing also varies as pieces are all custom made, signifying the different levels of time and effort varying from item to item.

“I either thrift or use an old pair of jeans for example, and I’ll create something new out of something that would have been otherwise thrown away,” Sage said. “Each method [of designing] takes its own amount of time and effort.”

Sage uses the clothing line to express herself. The positive support for the line has inspired her to keep pursuing her passion for clothing.

“I wish to continue to be myself and be unique rather than following trends. [I want to] be the one to make trends.” Sage said. “Since I have gotten such positive feedback it just inspires me to keep going.”

Sage plans on using the positive feedback she’s received as motivation to keep moving forward. As she approaches the end of her high school career, she plans to continue the line as she truly enjoys the journey and is genuinely passionate about it.