[Review] Jeris Johnson’s ‘Future Grunge’ concept leaves much to be desired



“Future Grunge” is a genre most music enjoyers have not even heard of, but according to Johnson, it is the new generation of music that will shape the industry. Photo courtesy of MOXIE

Kayla Gamm, Writer

2021 has been an outstanding year for both old and aspiring musicians, looking to make it big in Hollywood. Everyone is looking to make an impact, and TikTok star Jeris Johnson is no exception.

“Future Grunge” is a genre most music enjoyers have not even heard of, but according to Johnson, it is the new generation of music that will shape the industry.

He describes this category of music as a mix between rock, pop, and rap, something he claims has never been done before. It is supposed to have a retro feel with a twist, bringing back old music and revamping it with modern styles.

Born in the United States, Johnson grew up with music all around him. With his mother being a singer, and his father a drummer, there was really only one career path carved out for him and it started on TikTok.

At an impressive 1.4 million followers at 25 years old, Johnson posts rock covers that occasionally feature his mother. He sings, plays the drums and the piano, which he has been practicing since he was just two years old. This has earned him some die-hard fans who believe his unique music will greatly impact Hollywood and the industry as a whole.

Introducing an entirely new genre is daunting on its own, and Johnson has been doing it throughout 2021, specifically with his new release of “Friday.” Released Friday, Oct. 8, 2021, this unique track attempts to combine hip-hop, rap and punk styles to create a new impactful sound.

However, after careful review, it is clear the message of the song falls flat, if there is even a message at all. It sounds like a random jumble of sounds that would sound good individually but sound too chaotic combined. The same applies to the lyrics, which do not seem to hold any special meaning whatsoever.

The chorus sounds like a “5 Seconds of Summer” song reject, and it is not modern or futuristic at all despite its advertising. This “Future Grunge” is really just a lame excuse for the not-quite-rock style he has, which has been done thousands of times before. It adds nothing to the music industry, and instead feels as though we are going back to the early 2000s.

Overall, the song isn’t anything special or noteworthy, sounding like just anything you would hear as background music in an angsty coming-of-age film. It’s repetitive, unmeaningful and lacks uniqueness. This “Future Grunge” he seems to be referring to has been popularized by indie music artists for a long time, all he did was give it a new name.

Still, Johnson is very new to the music industry and has much to learn. Creating a more individualistic image that will illustrate his authentic identity might draw people in more. Right now, there is nothing transcending him from other very talented artists also trying to catch their break.

While it is clear that Johnson has talent, he did not showcase it well in his new single. However, the idea is there, and with a bit more experience and maturity he can make a name for himself amongst other pop stars.