[Review] ‘Father Christmas is Back’ is a chaotic Christmas movie that does not live up to expectations


Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Father Christmas is Back is a cheerful Christmas movie that is wonderful to watch with family and friends.

Trista Mungal, Writer

“Father Christmas is Back” was released on Sunday, Nov. 7, 2021, being the second holiday movie to hit Netflix this season.

This British comedy movie follows four sisters who can not seem to get along. Caroline, played by actress Natalie Cox, hosts Christmas for her family after six months of intricate planning for the best celebration possible.

Caroline’s younger sister Vicky, played by Talulah Riley, arrives first to the Christmas get-together, greeting Caroline’s children as the cool and fun aunt. Shortly after, the second sister Joanna, played by Elizabeth Hurley, arrives with her boyfriend Felix and mother Elizabeth. Finally, the last sister Paulina arrives, played by Naomi Frederick, who seems to be a little quirky.

Caroline’s goal to have an amazing Christmas soon goes downhill. Vicky, who recently visited their father who abandoned them, fails to mention that she invited him to the Christmas gathering. The family is in for a surprise when he suddenly reappears after 27 years with his girlfriend Jackie, played by April Bowlby. Once their father returns, every mishap possible begins to occur.

During this movie there were scenes that were very heartwarming like the unbreakable bond between the father and his daughters that was formed.

One of my favorite scenes in “Father Christmas is Back” is when Caroline’s two kids go through Joanna’s bags and wear her clothes and makeup. Joanna was so furious, and I could not stop laughing.

Another one of my favorite scenes from this movie is when Jackie decides to decorate the house while the family is gone. As a surprise for when they return home, she plugs the lights in causing a power outage throughout the whole house.

Another notable scene is when the dad shows up out of nowhere and everyone is shocked to see him, especially with his girlfriend Jackie as she is so young.

“Father Christmas is Back” has an 11% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. With all the negative reviews saying that this movie was bad, it was still an okay movie to watch. The movie did not fail to make me laugh though.

This movie was not the best that I have seen. If there were a sequel created, I would not watch it because I fear that it would be just as bad as the first one.

One critique I would give is having better actors, the actors were not the best.They sounded like five year olds putting on a play for their parents. Therefore, I would not watch this movie again nor recommend it. Also, the movie is not very festive and does not have much story background. There are definitely better holiday movies out there, such as Love Hard, which were also released to Netflix this holiday season.

Overall, I would give this movie a 6/10 rating. It was relatively humorous with a variety of events happening simultaneously, but I would not recommend it.