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Newly elected SGA Historian Daniella DiGiorgio is proud to be apart of the student body here at MSD.

Capturing history

With her passion for photography, senior Daniella DiGiorgio is prepared to excel as SGA historian

Leadership is not a quality this year’s historian lacks. Each year, numerous students run for positions in the student government to not only represent their grade, but also the entire student body. Serving as historian for the 2021-2022 school year, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School senior Daniella DiGiorgio plans to accomplish everything the student government board has in mind for the student body.

“I ran for this position because photography is something I have always been interested in. I love engaging with my peers and using my voice to help implement new ideas and adding changes into our school,” DiGiorgio said. “Taking the position of historian, I am able to take pictures of fun school activities and get to share them with lots of people while still having that voice in my school.”

Her passions and interests do not stop at student government; DiGiorgio also plays tennis and draws for leisure. These hobbies allow her to escape daily stressors and go to a safer space to decompress and feel better.

Another one of her passions is photography, which will definitely play a large part in her role as historian. DiGiorgio will have the opportunity to update social media pages for MSD students to show off the school and how great it is. These photos will allow her to be as creative as she desires, maybe even strengthening her passion.

“I wish to be active on social media and document fun events our school participates in,” DiGiorgio said. “I also wish to be engaged and help out in any way I can to make our school the best it can be.”

Being a part of the MSD SGA is a huge responsibility that only the most hardworking and best of MSD can take on. DiGiorgio is not one to turn down a challenge if she sets her mind to it, as she is actively participating in many ways in our school; she takes part in many clubs at MSD.

“I’m in Make Our Schools Safe, SGA, National Honors Society, Rowdy Eagles and Dance Marathon. I am in these clubs all to be more involved with my school and to take on a leadership role,” DiGiorgio said. “I have a passion for all of these clubs and love to work with my classmates to get something done.”

Serving as historian is something DiGiorgio has also aimed to accomplish throughout her high school years, now reaching her goal as a senior. DiGiorgio will not stop until she makes the school the best she can by using her voice to make a change. DiGorigio feels her participation throughout the MSD campus further exemplifies leadership and her passion for making a difference.

DiGiorgio plans to accomplish all of her goals this year as historian and even more as a senior at MSD.

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