The Little Coffee Shoppe is a hidden gem that everyone needs to try


Glory Lee

Get cozy at the Little Coffee Shop and try the freshly made Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Venezuelan Arepas.

Lyla Sachs, Arts & Leisure editor

A hidden gem of Coral Springs is The Little Coffee Shoppe. The small café is located next to the long-standing Cecile’s Ice on Wiles Road. The food ranges from Venezuelan to American and features many options including arepas, pancakes and avocado toast. The new addition to the strip was added during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Little Coffee Shoppe is a fresh and cozy place where people of all ages can enjoy. While eating, there were several kids getting out of school, adults on lunch break and people who either came to get work done or enjoy time with friends.

The employees were more than helpful, asking if we needed anything or if they could do anything to help with pictures we were taking. They were kind and helped everyone with a smile on their face. Their welcoming nature was inviting and made me love this place even more than I did before.

The walls are covered with plants and mugs hanging from strings. The lights are made from wood and old mason jars. As well as the lights inside, there is a wall of windows illuminating the inside with natural light.

There are many places to sit, including inside, outside and even a little room in the back with benches, creating a warm vibe. The warmth of the café surrounds you and creates a welcoming environment you never want to leave.

Instead of sitting down and being given a menu, there is a bar with a menu -with prices that start at three dollars- hanging from the wall. The open space gives customers a chance to browse the different options. I had a difficult time figuring out what to order due to the abundance of food and drink choices.

The process of ordering and receiving the food took no more than 15 minutes. Instead of waiting and indulging in your hunger, you receive the food before the thought even crosses your mind.

After contemplating my choices, I settled on the arepa. I loved how you can choose what would be in it. The options include three forms of proteins and add-ins. It was the perfect size, not too large where you will waste it and not too small to leave you hungry.

The food will leave you more than satisfied, no matter what you ask for. Depending on the order, your food will be served on a plate or skillet, pleasing to the eyes. The coffee was even better; the bitter and sweet taste collided, forming the perfect combination.

While sitting here for a few hours, there were only a few other customers sitting. Numerous other customers were coming in and out of the doors picking up online orders. This shows that the eatery can be convenient to people who can sit and eat, or people who are on the go. The cafe is for anyone and everyone, no matter the age or the time of day.