MSD remembers Scott Beigel in the classroom and on the track field


Courtesy Ronit Reoven

MSD teachers and staff wear 2018 Cross Country tee-shirts in honor of former coworker Scott Beigel’s birthday.

Ethan Flores Rothmund, Writer

On Oct. 23rd, emotions were high as community members of both Parkland and Coral Springs gathered to celebrate teacher Scott Beigel, who’s life was tragically cut short on Feb. 14 due to the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that killed 17 people and injured 17 others. As shots rang out in the 1200 building, Beigel provided shelter for several students. He was a beloved geography teacher and cross country coach at MSD, but he also was well known for his kindness outside of the classroom.

“The thing that I knew would make Scott a great teacher is when I saw at camp all the time, he was in charge of the teenagers in our camp, and he always, every event that he was in charge of, everything that he did, he had a flare about him, he was always funny, very sarcastic and the kids just gravitated to him,” social studies teacher Jeff Foster said. “He never took himself too seriously and I always loved that about Scott and we miss him dearly at the school. I think his greatest characteristic was just being able to connect to kids.”

Foster worked with Beigel in Pennsylvania at Camp Starlight and was the one that got Beigel an interview at MSD to become a teacher.

Beigel’s act of heroism is remembered by all and was surely honored at the run.

“Why he was special, why he was important, was his creativity and his want for his kids to be better and the people around him [to be better]. He came up with new ideas, came up with ways to express things that were different than the norm,” social studies teacher Ernest Rospierski said. “That was one of the things that I think of when I think of Scott, that engenuity and that want to approach things in a different way that was more interesting.”

The Run for Beigel was founded by Beigel’s cross country team, not only to honor his sacrifice, but to commemorate his dedication to teaching and mentoring. One of Beigel’s favorite ways to positively influence youths was through one of his life’s passions: working at sleep away camps. The Run 4 Beigel movement seeks to continue Beigel’s passion for these camps by raising money for the purposes of sending at-risk kids to safe and fun environments where they can experience personal growth. The foundation partners with many summer camps to reach communities that have been negatively affected by gun violence.

The Run 4 Beigel hosts a 5k that is held annually in New York, Beigel’s place of birth, and in Parkland. In 2020, the event was held virtually and still pulled over 750 participants and raised $250,000, sending 155 youths to camp. As of 2021, the organization has raised over $600,000 and helped hundreds of children. The Beigel run not only represents Scott Beigel’s heroism and his dedication to mentoring, but the hope of a safer future.

On April 17 at 9 a.m, Run 4 Beigel is hosting an event offering a 5k race, a 1 mile fun-run or a 10 mile relay race in Parkland, Florida. The event is both virtual and in person.