[Review] Los Bocados is the community-oriented restaurant every town needs


Glory Lee

Chow down at Los Bocados and enjoy two fresh Hongo Burritos with a side of salsa and chips. With the restaurant’s busy atmosphere and buzzing staff, a free and friendly environment is created.

Lyla Sachs, Arts & Leisure editor

Los Bocados is a new local Mexican restaurant located on State Road 7 in Parkland, Florida, in between Puppy Plus and Starbucks. The menu includes typical cuisine found in Mexican restaurants like burritos, bowls, tacos and quesadillas.

From Spanish to English, Los Bocados translates to “snack or bite,” and the food was quite tasty; it was flavorful and filled with a variety of choices. It appears as appetizing as it tastes. The food was presented simply with the food of your choice and a lime and salsa on the side.

Walking into the restaurant at lunch time was not the best idea. Both inside and outside were filled with young students and adults. The inside has limited seating, but overall has a nice setting. The outside, on the other hand, was crowded and filled with people. It was cramped while sitting due to the bushes on the right and more tables on the left. The atmosphere was not somewhere people would love to be because they would be practically sitting in the parking lot.

While walking into the restaurant, the first thing I noticed was the kitchen behind the counter. The menu was taped to the counter where the orders were placed. The food came in under 15 minutes, which was quicker than I thought, especially with all the customers. I thought the prices were a bit expensive for what was ordered, since it was one burrito for almost 15 dollars.

The employees were helpful and nice. It gave off the impression that it was a family business, as the owners had one of their kids working with them.

After looking over the menu that was hanging on the counter, I found everything looked appetizing. I decided on the spicy citrus pork burrito. Each meal comes with a side of chips with salsa and a lime.

The meal arrived in a plastic to-go box and a paper bowl filled with chips that almost looked like a school lunch. After taking my first bite, my mouth was flooded with flavors. The meal left me with a full and satisfied belly. I would recommend this restaurant to others if they wanted a quick and tasty meal.

Sitting there for two hours, I was able to watch the restaurant and see the people who walked in and out. There were students from school, employees on their lunch breaks and friends catching up. I noticed that Los Bocados was a community-oriented restaurant and that is why most people love to eat here.