[Opinion] Parents shouldn’t force their political beliefs on their children


Katelyn Laverde

Parents should not force their political beliefs and opinions on their children.

Bailey Carter, Writer

In the society we live in today, political ideologies can easily influence people’s daily lives. The topic of politics constantly remains trending both in the news and in daily conversations. Because of the growing participation in politics, children have been more involved in voicing their own opinions. 

Children should not be restricted from learning and exploring different political beliefs on their own. There have been mixed discussions revolving around children’s involvement in the political world, which lies solely in the hands of their parents. 

With parents as their kid’s role models, they hold the biggest impact in their children’s lives. Children show a tendency of picking up behaviors, words and phrases that they hear from people around them. Since kids are easily influenced by their parents, they are likely to repeat what their parents say and believe.

People typically spend a lot of time researching and educating themselves on political principles before they decide which party and beliefs they identify with. When it comes to young children, they aren’t old enough to understand the importance of this process. 

Influence has always played a huge role in an individual’s political identity. Some people don’t think twice about the beliefs their parents hold, and will just continue passing on those ideas they were taught to their generation. With the popularity and exposure of social media, children are given the opportunity to explore different political ideologies without parents forcing their beliefs on them.

Social media is likely one of the first ways children are exposed to the world of politics. While there certainly is biased media, children are able to learn and understand more about political issues through various platforms.

It is the parents’ responsibility to properly teach their children different political opinions and give them the opportunity to form their own opinions, rather than forcing their political beliefs onto them. Politics is such a wide subject and can be difficult to understand, which is why children deserve to be taught about politics in an unbiased manner.

Adolescents deserve the opportunity to follow what they personally believe in. Children should not be expected to inherit their parents’ political expectations, nor should they be disregarded for having their own ideas. 

Parents should be loving and accepting despite whatever beliefs their children take on, even if it doesn’t align with their own. Parents should understand they can’t force everything onto their child, and that their kid is entitled to their own opinion. 

At the end of the day, politics is a growing topic in the world around us. People of every age deserve the opportunity to formulate their own beliefs, and withhold their own opinions without being forced to follow specific ideologies.