[Review] Hellenic Republic has tasty food and a welcoming environment


Glory Lee

Customers can enjoy a falafel plate at Hellenic Republic, a restaurant with live music from 12-4 p.m. every weekend.

Lyla Sachs, Arts & Leisure editor

The tasty Greek restaurant “Hellenic Republic” is located in Coral Springs on University Drive in The Walk, surrounded by Trader Joes, Barnes & Nobles and BurgerFi. This is a small space filled with customers enjoying endless options of food that could fulfill anyone’s taste buds, having options for all dietary restrictions like vegan and vegetarian.
From personal experience, the servers were excellent and checked on their customers often. They were very helpful, allowing us more time to think and apologizing when a couple of dishes were late. The staff practiced COVID-19 safety precautions by wearing masks when they were near customers.

The inside of the building gave a beach, boho vibe. The restaurant gives a friendly atmosphere that everyone feels. The sun filled the room and all tables were occupied. The outside also felt welcoming and spacious with tables for a variety of party sizes. There were bushes lining the outsidem so it did not feel as if you were sitting in a parking lot.

Before sitting down, the customer can scan the online menu on a sign in the front of the store. The menu has a wide range of prices, with appetizers starting at $5 to big plates ending at $45. The in-between options include dips, salads, bowls and pitas. With all of these delicious choices, it was difficult finding one dish to settle on.

I decided on the falafel bowl which took fifteen minutes to prepare. The plate includes four falafel balls, rice, mixed vegetables and two small pita breads. Most of the ingredients were tasty, but others like the rice and vegetables needed more flavor. The falafel balls were certainly the best part of the meal and should be eaten with the rice to give it flavor.

My meal left me full and happy, and I would definitely go back. Each meal I saw being taken to tables looked as good as the next. While we did not order dessert, the options looked delicious, and I will definitely be going back for one.

The ambience was even better than the food. The customers would agree, as every table was filled. This shows that “Hellenic Republic” is a great restaurant and convenient for many people as it was located near other good restaurants and stores.