[Brief] MSD introduces ‘Genius Bar’ tutoring program to help peers study for various EOC classes


Glory Lee

MSD science teacher Iliana Polatos-Quintero shares a presentation about the “Genius Bar” program, which offers opportunities for students to be tutored by their peers.

Trista Mungal, Writer

On Wednesday, Feb. 2, an information session was held for students introducing “Genius Bar,” a peer-tutoring program. The initiative was authorized by Principal Michelle Kefford in order for upperclassmen to assist underclassmen in courses with an end-of-course exam.

Students were identified to be potential tutors according to teacher recommendations or based on previous report card grades or EOC scores in Biology, Algebra 1, Geometry or U.S. History. They received these invitations during their study hall class. However, receiving this invitation does not guarantee these students will be peer tutors. If a student does become a tutor, they will receive community service hours as an incentive.

Students can receive help during their study hall classes if they fill out the survey located on the school’s website by Friday, Feb. 11. If an individual fills out the survey, he or she will meet with the same peer tutor for the entire school year.

This opportunity was on a first-come, first-serve basis. If the individual fails to meet with his or her peer tutor more than two times, he or she will be removed from the program.

If students have any questions or concerns, Curriculum Specialist Iliana Polatos-Quintero can be contacted at [email protected].