MSD seniors seek the perfect dress in preparation for prom


Reese Garrity

Senior Reese Garrity picks a flowy dress with dazzling flowers for prom, but in lavender.

Isabel White, Section editor

With MSD hosting their prom on Saturday, May 7, many seniors are rushing to find the perfect dress. As prom approaches, more students get antsy to find their perfect outfit before someone else claims it.

In an effort to make sure everyone has a unique look on the special night, a private Instagram account, @msdpromdresses2022, uploads dresses students planning to attend prom have claimed as their own. In addition to being private, this account only accepts MSD seniors as followers.

According to PromGirl, customers spend anywhere from $100 to $500 on a dress, and even more for designer brands. Designer brands like Sherri Hill and Jovani sell prom dresses averaging from $700 to $1,500. There is a large debate about the price students should be spending for the occasion.

“I don’t think it is necessary to spend an immense amount of money on a dress that you will wear for one night, but you still want to look good on your big night,” senior Talya Weinfeld said. “I bought my dress from Revolve for under $200.”

To find a quality dress for a cheaper price, individuals can shop at stores like Revolve, Windsor, Nordstrom and Lulus. These stores even include some dresses for under $100. The most expensive dress you will find on these websites is around $300.

On the other hand, some seniors are taking a higher-class approach for their special day, leading them to shop designer. Several students have purchased their dresses from popular designer Mario Pucci, with the cheapest dress being around $500 and the most expensive dresses above $1,000.

It may seem a bit excessive to spend this much money for a dress that will be worn on one night; however, some students want to make their night as special as they can, which means having the best designer dress.

“My dress is Sherri Hill,” senior Gianna Sgammato said. “Buying a prom dress was special to me because I worked in [a] prom and bridal [shop], which made it a little more worth it to spend the money because I know what goes into making the dress.”

The Designer brands at Mario Pucci include Atria, Jovani, Sherri Hill and Terani Couture. Scrolling through @msdpromdresses2022, you will notice a lot of dresses with Jovani labeled next to them.

One Jovani dress that the Instagram account posted recently on Sunday, Feb. 13, is a flowery, tight pink dress. When May 7 rolls around, we will be able to discover the claimer of this extravagant dress along with several others.

Though multiple MSD seniors have already found their perfect dress, others are still looking. The most popular dresses being sold are long, tight red ones. Therefore, some seniors are thinking of finding dresses unlike the ones on the account to appear more unique.

“I went with a tight dress last year when I went with my ex-boyfriend and I got so sticky and sweaty and it was hard to dance and it didn’t feel like me,” senior Reese Garrity said. “So I went with fun and flowy this time. Now I have both tight and big dresses in my closet.”

It is beneficial to have stores and an idea of a dress design in mind before dress shopping. With over 60 posts on the MSD prom dress Instagram account, MSD students remain on the lookout before their desired dress gets claimed.