[Review] The Thai and Japanese restaurant Bluefin is a decent place for eating


Glory Lee

The K.C. roll at Bluefin is packed with flavor and is a healthy alternative to the traditional sushi roll.

Lyla Sachs, Arts & Leisure editor

The Thai and Japanese chain restaurant Bluefin, located on Parkside Drive in Parkland, FL, is a staple to the East Parkland Plaza. With endless options and space for customers, this restaurant is a nice spot to eat.

The menu has pages full of a variety of choices from rolls to fried rice. The rolls are fit for numerous people, whether they enjoy cooked, raw or vegetarian alternatives.

The large space has several tables and booths inside as well as outside, with a diverse crowd of customers. The indoor part of the restaurant is dark with small lights illuminating the space while the outdoors area was adjacent to a noisy street that made the atmosphere a bit unsettling. When walking inside, you are immediately greeted by the hostess.

After being seated, we were given more than enough time to decide on our meals. It was hard finding a waitress, as they kept disappearing. While the servers were kind, the service was very slow. It took 30 minutes for the waitress to take our order after greeting us and another 30 minutes to bring it out.

When the food did come out, it was very tasty. I ordered the “super crunch roll,” which consisted of three different fish, cream cheese, avocado, scallion and masago. The roll was both crunchy and soft and very flavorful.

I also ordered the “K.C. roll,” which consisted of salmon, crab and cream cheese wrapped in a thin sheet of cucumber. As well as looking appetizing, the flavors tasted delicious. The cucumber added a cold crunch rather than a typical roll wrapped in seaweed and rice.

In addition to a large array of food options, there was a wide variety of drinks. A whole page from the menu was dedicated to beverages, such as sake, wine, soda and other Japanese related drinks like Nigori, Junmai and Ginjo.

The overall experience was decent due to the food. My only complaint would be how long it took to wait for your food along with the noisy road outside the restaurant. The long wait made you want to eat your food so fast that you could not enjoy it. If the restaurant was filled, the sound of chatter could drown out the cars and make the meal more enjoyable. Although the restaurant was not a perfect dining experience, the appetizing food and good company made up for it.