Sophomore Daniel Barraza-Camara strives for success as a football player while balancing his academics


Mariajose Vera

Getting ahead, sophomore Daniel Barraza-Camara continues to improve his talents in addition to playing next season.

Nicholas Zanetti, Writer

The varsity football offseason is in full swing, and many athletes at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are looking forward to this upcoming spring season. Sophomore Daniel Barraza-Camara will be fighting for his varsity playing time this spring season.

Barraza-Camara joined MSD’s roster late in his freshman year and played as a defensive back this past season. He began his journey at 6 feet tall and 125 pounds. He is now 6’1 and 155 pounds. Barraza-Camara wants to be 170 to 175 pounds by the start of the season.

Barraza-Camara played junior varsity during the 2021 to 2022 season and was only able to play in one game due to grappling with a broken pinky finger. Barraza-Camera is looking to fight for a spot on varsity this upcoming year.

His favorite accomplishment as a football player was his 30 pound increase in body weight. He had never felt this strong and believes he is nowhere near his full potential.

Outside of football, Barraza-Camara loves to hang out with friends and keep his grades above the minimum requirement.

“After I workout I go home, take a shower and do my homework. [My] coach always gives an emphasis on doing our homework, getting our grades up because he likes to remind us that being a student athlete means being a student first,” Barraza-Camara said.

Barraza-Camara characterizes himself as a hardworking person who loves to put his head down and do the work. Barraza-Camara utilizes his time during study hall to get his school work complete.

“I know how to manage my time. In study hall, I really learned how to utilize my time to help with everything like my grades and homework. I don’t have as much of a workload when I get home,” Barraza-Camara said.

After high school, he wants to open a business and become an entrepreneur. His backup plan is to join the army. If given the opportunity, Barraza-Camara is more than willing to play football at the next level. He wants to stay in Florida and go to a Florida college. He has a wide variety of schools he is interested in attending, including University of Central Florida, Florida Atlantic University and Florida State University.

Barraza-Camara is motivated by his teammates and he loves the sense of family-like environment that football creates. He hopes to grow as a football player but most importantly a person. Barraza-Camara will be competing with many this season for practice repetitions and will learn from every mistake he makes.