Drama students participate in a lesson of creativity and teamwork

Lilly Citrin, Writer

In a creative new lesson, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School drama teacher Mrs. Hertzfeld introduced her costumes, makeup, and hair class that was just started this year, to the skills necessary to create successful fantasy makeup looks. The tips they learned will help them for Halloween and future careers in theater make up.

“Of course, because it’s on the precipice of October and Halloween, I started with stage makeup which is always so much fun for the kids,” Hertzfeld said.

Given the season, the skills in doing stage makeup are going to really come in handy. This lesson taught them to create fantasy looks that are sure to aid them in creating creative and impressive costumes this Halloween.

Previous to the lesson, they participated in a collage activity where they sorted through magazines to find texture and colors for their fantasy looks. So when it came to creating a fantasy makeup look for the activity they were prepared with different inspirations.

The students had creative freedom with their looks, but they had to be of a non-human character to stay within the fantasy theme of the assignment. “It could be a fairy or we had somebody that was doing minions.” Hertzfeld said. This lesson allowed for students to explore their creativity and express themselves while having fun.

Before the students were sent off to explore their skills, they were taught the basics of applying makeup and which colors go first. When applying makeup the order in which your colors go is important. The lighter colors go first to contour or shape your true subject’s face. They were also taught how to use stencils to apply texture.

The class was split into student chosen groups of three. One student volunteered to be the model, another applied makeup, and the final member took notes and copied down the steps taken to achieve the look.

The importance of this lesson is obvious to people interested in a career in drama or makeup design. “It’s important for them to get examples to see the textures and to compare it to other, more professional, makeup styles, ” Hertzfeld said. “People interested in this type of work will find ways to do it so this definitely prepares them for what they might do in the future.”

This lesson was a hands-on learning activity that allowed students to gain skills for real world experience and creativity. Even with Walmart face painting kits, these students were able to create masterpieces of fantasy. They interacted with their classmates, worked as a team, and expanded their horizons.