Axe Throwing Society offers a unique way to spend your free time

Riley Green, Photographer

Right off Copans road in Pompano, Axe throwing Society is South Florida’s largest axe throwing sports venue. Even though they are named Axe Throwing society, they have more than just axe throwing including a vast menu of food and drinks, music, live television, and many other games such as cornhole and shuffleboard.

To schedule a reservation, you must book online and fill out a waiver for safety so that when you get there the staff can get you set up with an “Axepert.” The “Axeperts” are what they call your coaches that will teach and help you throughout the time you are there. Before you start, the Axepert goes over the rules and different techniques to help you perfect your throw. Once you are comfortable with the throws they will get you started with one of many games you can play.

Some of the games are tic-tac-toe, first to 50, badaxe and much more. When it comes to first to 50 it is pretty self explanatory each ring on the target is worth a value so you just add them up until someone gets to 50. For tic-tac-toe it is the same rules if you were going to play on paper the only difference is each box has a certain value that corresponds to the value of the rings so you have to hit the value to make the move. Another game, bad axe, is the axe throwing equivalent of horse in basketball so you throw three times against someone and whoever gets the higher score gets the letter and the first to spell bad axe wins.

The Axe Throwing Society is a great environment that is very spacious. There is seating everywhere and you never feel as though you are sitting on top of someone else. They always have music playing to get rid of any awkward silence that might happen while you’re throwing and you even have the chance of choosing the music that is on through touchtunes. Touchtunes is a digital jukebox so you can control the music from your phone or on the device they have at the venue.

Along with a great environment, they also have a vast food and drink menu. Some of the items they have include flatbreads, chicken tenders, fries, pretzels, empanadas, soda, beer, and wine. All of the staff are welcoming and try their best to ensure that you have an axe-cellent time.

If you enjoyed it so much that you wanted to make it a weekly occurrence, they also have a bunch of options for leagues. The leagues are an eight week event having multiple seasons throughout the year. It is seven weeks of regular games against other people in the league and the last week is the tournament.

They have two different leagues: the WATL leagues and the rec leagues. WATL is the world axe throwing league so if you are a part of that league you will then get ranked against people all over the world with the chance of going to competitions.
The rec leagues focus more on fun and friendly competition. They end every league night with a game and the winners get extra points added to their scores. There are many different disciplines that Axe throwing society has leagues for.

The different disciplines are hatchet, big axe, and duals. Hatchet is the original and most basic axe, being roughly 17 inches and 2.2 pounds. Big axes are typically used to split wood logs that they have profiled to be able to throw. They are about 24 inches long and 3.5 pounds. Then duals is when two people are throwing hatchets at the board trying to get the best combined score. Hatchet is best of ten throws, Big axe is best of five throws, and duals is best of ten throws split between two throwers.

Axe throwing is a fun and different thing for people to try that not many would think of. They also have many deals such as on Wednesdays, groups of eight or more save 25% on throwing and on Thursdays ladies get half off throwing. So if you are looking for a fun activity to do with a group of friends, family, or even on a date night, Axe throwing Society is a great place to go.