[Review] Express Wok and Bubble Tea offers wonderful Boba Tea and other foods


Chelsea Townsend

Crab Rangoons is a Chinese-American dish, consisting of a cream cheese, and imitation crab filing stuffed into a wonton wrapper. The Crab Rangoons had a creamy and great taste

Chelsea Townsend, Photo Editor

Located inside the Chevron Gas Station on N State Rd 7, Express Wok and Bubble Tea is a small Asian restaurant that serves a variety of Asian foods and drinks. Their menu consists of foods from different countries in Asia, such as Japan, Thailand and China, as well as a vast selection of milk and fruit teas.

My first impression of the  atmosphere was that it felt gloomy and dark. There was not much to look at due to the small restaurant, but the walls are decorated with posters of food and drinks. Their prices were reasonable, especially for how much I bought and how large the servings are.

The first item I tried were the Crab Rangoons. The crust was crispy and flaky with a nice text

ure. To compliment the crust, the filling was creamy and flavorful. A good thing to note was the size of the rangoons, as they were much larger compared to others I have had at other Chinese-American restaurants. It was also served with a side of sweet and sour sauce; but in my opinion, the ragoons are better by themselves. The only downside to this dish was the lack of crab in the filling. However, the Crab Rangoons were a tasty snack that should be ordered.

The next food item I ordered was the egg fried rice. It was mediocre with not much flavor to it. The rice was hard, and there was not that much egg. Instead people should order the fried rice with a type of meat in it.

I then ordered the drinks from the Bubble Tea section. The first drink I got was the Taro Milk Tea. The purple color of this drink is what pulled me in, but the flavor captivated me. The tea was creamy and the tapioca pearls on the bottom were perfectly chewy. It was a little too sweet to my liking, but overall was a good bubble tea.

Next, I tried the Brown Sugar Milk Tea. The sweet syrup streaks along the sides of the cup were pleasant to look at. The brown sugar taste was strong, hence the name, with a sweet flavor and the milk tea itself was very creamy and smooth. The pearls at the bottom had a good consistency and the flavor mixed with the syrup created balance with the entire drink, as it made it less sweet.

Lastly, the Iced Coffee Boba was my favorite. The coffee was not watered down like most coffee drinks. The flavor of the coffee was prominent and was not too sweet; and the pearls were just like the rest of teas, with a nice chewy texture.

One major complaint I have is the wait time being so long, even though it was empty when I arrived. Additionally, the location was quite secluded, being found in a convenience store. 

The customer service though was superb and I would definitely go there again if I wanted a great bubble tea. Overall, this restaurant is a great place to order from if you want to try out new foods, and if you enjoy bubble teas.