[Review] New Cookiehead Bakery releases five new creative and delicious cookie flavors


Isabella Sanchez

Cookiehead is a new local cookie shop. Cookiehead’s flavors of the month are Chocolate Chip, Cookies and Cream, Fiona’s Funfetti, Fruity Pebble Paradise, Mint Oreo, and Sarah’s Smores.

Located on Wiles Road in Coral Springs, FL, the new CookieHead Bakery offers fun flavors of cookies. The store, which opened late last year, boasts an ever-changing menu of cookies; it changes weekly, monthly and seasonally, adding five new flavors, replacing the five old ones. The new flavors for this month are Strawberry Cheesecake, Gluten-Free Fruity Crunch, Cookies and Cream, Fiona’s Funfetti and Recipe 1931 Chocolate Chip.

The store itself is very colorful and fun for both adults and children; The wall mural of the fun colorful characters like, Fiona Frosting and The Ultimate Cookie Wizard, adds to the overall atmosphere in a playful way. Each cookie costs $4.77, which is a good price for the large cookie. The Schwartzberg family owns the bakery and has been making baked goods for sale to consumers since 1931. The Chocolate chip cookie released this month is named after this date.

The Strawberry Cheesecake cookie had lots of intertwining flavors; It was the perfect balance between sour and sweet. The sourness of the strawberries meshed perfectly with the sweetness of the cream cheese frosting. The texture of the cookie was soft and chewy and the rich frosting added to its perfect texture. The addition of a real strawberry was also a nice touch. I would rate this cookie a 7/10.

The Gluten-Free Fruity Crunch cookie definitely surprised me. It was a lot harder and chewy than I expected, making it my least favorite cookie. Biting into the cookie, I realized it was very sweet and not very soft compared to the others. The cookie itself is made with fruity pebbles, which sparked my interest in it. I liked the frosting on this cookie, compared to the other cookies it isn’t creamy. I would rate this cookie a 6/10.

The Cookies and Cream cookie was the best cookie in my opinion. The cookie was rich in flavor and had the perfect ratio of frosting to cookie. The addition of oreo crumbs and a lot of frosting on this cookie made my rating high. I would rate this cookie a 10/10.

The Fiona’s Funfetti cookie was definitely the cookie with the best presentation. In terms of taste, it was very sweet, so if you are not crazy about sweet cookies, then I would not recommend this one. However, if you have a sweet tooth, this cookie is for you. The cookie kind of tasted like the Pillsbury cake batter, so if you like that type of flavor, give this cookie a try. I would rate this cookie a 8/10.

Recipe 1931 Chocolate Chip is a sweet, rich cookie, loaded with decadent chocolate chips. The sweetness of the cookie contrasted with the bitter chocolate creates such an iconic combination of flavors. The chocolate chips on this cookie stood out to me, being that they were big in size and added more flavor. This cookie was good and I would rank it high on this month’s menu with an 8/10.

Overall, the bakery’s atmosphere is very bright and colorful, making it a fun environment to visit. Something unique with these cookies is the amount of frosting and the size. Because of the large size of the cookies, you can share one with a friend, and the amount of frosting is perfect for the cookies’ flavor. This month’s cookie flavors were all delicious and rich. The Cookiehead bakery is a must try for cookie lovers in search of something sweet.