[Review] New Amazon Prime series ‘Daisy Jones and The Six’ exceeds fans expectations set by the book


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Josh Whitehouse (Eddie), Sam Claflin (Billy), Will Harrison (Graham) in “Daisy Jones & the Six.” Photo Permission from Lacey Terrell/Prime Video/TNS

Lyla Sachs, Arts & Leisure editor

The popular book “Daisy Jones and The Six”written by Taylor Jenkins Reid on March 5, 2019, was recently adapted into a show on March 3 that can be watched on Amazon Prime. Many fans were extremely excited to see their favorite book become a reality they can see on their screen.

The show cast popular actors and singers to portray the characters such as Sam Claflin, Suki Waterhouse and Riley Keough. While some fans were hesitant to accept these actors, they excelled and truly became the characters they were portraying.

The show was being released weekly, with two to three episodes releasing each Friday. The first three episodes were released on March 3 and the rest followed. The weekly schedule allowed viewers to enjoy the show without bringing it all in one night unlike Netflix and other platforms, which was greatly appreciated because it made the show even more enjoyable. Each episode is around one hour to do the book and its fans justice.

As for the book, it was written in an interview style of writing, with the past and present intertwining. The present interviews were set 40 years after the characters success and the past focused on how they lived, their relationships and how the band fell apart. The show was for the most part accurate, but like all adaptations, had minor changes.

“Daisy Jones and The Six” was set in the 70s when a time of rock and roll was taking over. Viewers were first introduced to the band, excluding Daisy. Billy Dunne, played by Claflin, Graham Dunne, played by Will Harrison, Warren Rhodes, played by Sebastion Chacon and Eddie Roundtree, played by Josh Whitehouse.

The young boys and Billy’s girlfriend, Camila Alvarez, played by Camilla Morrone, moved to California after deciding to pursue music as a career. The younger and older actors portrayed their characters in a way that showed their innocence while also allowing for character development, though not in a necessarily good way.

As the show moves on, Daisy is introduced at a young age so viewers can see her background and how it influenced her in her adult years. There, Daisy is shown writing songs, but not showing them to others. That is, until she met Teddy Price, played by Tom Wright, a big deal music producer. Through Teddy, Billy’s band and Daisy meet, though not without a fight.

Since then, the band included a new member, Karen Sirko, played by Waterhouse and when Daisy joined the band, it took off. Not only did the band take off, but she added an eccentric spirit to the band that was refreshing to experience as a show and not through reading a book.

The characterization of the band was different from the book, though not bad. Many fans thought Daisy was watered down or less wild than she was in the book, as many of her bad choices were either altered or were alluded to. As for the love triangle between Camila, Daisy and Billy, it was not a fan favorite. Billy and Camila got married when they moved to California and found out Camila was pregnant.

When Daisy was introduced, there was immediate chemistry between her and Billy, while this was in the book, it did not go as far as the show went. The show pictured Billy and Daisy having an affair, while in the book, Daisy accepted that he was married. The love triangle, like most adaptations, went too far and the show should have stuck to the same plotline that the book had to show how Daisy truly was.

The finale of the show was a two episode release. The two episodes went back and forth between relationships, drama and the final break of the band. These episodes perfectly captured the angst and emotions readers felt in the book. There were many different pieces that viewers had to put together to make the show better and more detailed, which was an exciting touch.

The ending of the show was expected, but no less heartbreaking. For people who read the book and for those who did not, no one could have predicted the emotion, words and portrayal of the characters. The actors fully captured their characters which made the finale even more devastating.

To keep the magic of the show and get people excited, the show released an album of songs they play in the show on March 3. A playlist for each episode was also released as the episodes continued. The album was filled with amazing music that was almost reminiscent of the band Fleetwood Mac.The music let the viewers feel as if the band was real and talk of a tour is circling within the fans.

“Daisy Jones and The Six” is a piece of entertainment that caters to all T.V. watchers. It is filled with drama, love and everything a show should have. As all of the episodes are out, fans can continue to watch and binge. The acting, songs and overall aesthetic of the show represented the book very well and did not disappoint.