[Review] Coachella amazed viewers with performances by Bad Bunny, BLACKPINK and Frank Ocean



From left, Emma Destro, Viola Destro, and Miriam Bellinazzi, from Italy, pose during first day of week two of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Club in Indio on Friday, April 21, 2023. (Photo by Watchara Phomicinda, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG)

Kennedy Browne, Photographer

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival first debuted on Oct. 9, 1999 in Indio, CA and has happened every year since then. This festival became immensely popular due to a wide variety of music and artists including Pop, R&B and Rap.

Throughout the years, Coachella has boasted a variety of popular headliners including famous pop star Ariana Grande in 2019 and iconic singer-songwriter Beyonce in 2018. Attendees typically camp out in the desert before the gates open since they want to be the first to see these performers.

April 14 through April 23, Bad Bunny, BLACKPINK and Frank Ocean were scheduled to perform as headliners. There are two weekends that both had the same headliners for each one. The first weekend was April 14, 15, and 16, while the second weekend was April 23, 24, and 25. These artists have been recently trending for their popular songs and recent albums like “Pink Venom,” by BLACKPINK, “Blonde” by Frank Ocean and “Trapeando” by Bad Bunny. The setlist had over 150 artists that performed.big stages throughout both weekends.

On Friday, April 14, Bad Bunny was the first headliner to kick off the Coachella weekend. Bad Bunny is a Latin artist that has collaborated on songs with Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez and Daddy Yankee. Bad Bunny performed songs from his newest album named “Trapeando” alongside showcasing hispanic culture by waving South American and Caribbean flags on stage.

Many performers, such as producer Metro Boomin also performed songs from his new album “Heroes and Villains,” with singer The Weeknd and rapper 21 Savage as special guests. Some underrated artists that performed earlier that day were rapper Flo Mill and alternative rapper Doechii.

On Saturday, April 15, it was an eventful day for K-pop fans as BLACKPINK performed their hit songs like ‘Shutdown” and “Pink Venom.” BLACKPINK is a Korean-pop group from South Korea who became increasingly popular in 2021. Each member also performed their solo songs, for example Lisa performed the most popular song out of the group, “Money.”

Artists like Spanish singer Rosalia and well-known DJ Calvin Harris played as sub-headliners for Coachella day two on the first weekend. Rosalia performed her remix to Blinding Lights originally by The Weeknd and her hit song, “Chicken Teriyaki.” Calvin Harris played “Slide” and “This Is What You Came For.” Many overlooked artists that also performed were rapper 070 Shake and singer-songwriter Charli XCX.

The last day of Coachella, Sunday, April 16 did not go as planned and had many issues that resulted into a disaster for the headliner, Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean did in fact perform his songs “Nights” and “Godspeed.” However, many problems occurred before he was set to perform.

Singer Frank Ocean was set to perform at 11:05 PM PST, but suffered an ankle injury before his performance. His set originally had an ice-rink, but he was incapable of performing with it so he made last-minute changes to melt the ice rink. Because of this, his performance was delayed for an hour causing many people to become annoyed as his set was very hyped up.

Other issues that occurred during the weekend was Coachella being fined by the city of Indio for $117,000 for going over curfew which was 1:00 AM PST. All three performers went beyond curfew and caused many fans to be angered as they couldn’t continue the concert because of them stopping abruptly.

Coachella’s first weekend had many memorable performances from artists trending on Billboard, however, many problems did result after. Frank Ocean has recently announced that he will not be attending the second weekend because of these issues of Frank Ocean dropping out and the stage taking over an hour to be revamped. Coachella has replaced Frank Ocean with Blink-182 as the headliner for the second weekend.

The second weekend was accompanied with the same headliners alongside the band Blink-182 that replaced Frank Ocean on Sunday, April 16. Many guest appearances left attendees star-struck, such as singer Labrinth performing with actress and singer Zendaya. Despite the sudden changes, Coachella has completed a somewhat successful year hosting one of the greatest music festivals.