Review: Luke Cage wins with viewers and critics


Luke Cage promotional poster

Gage Collamore

Luke Cage promotional posterSince its release on Sept. 30, Netflix’s “Luke Cage” has been rising rapidly as a critically acclaimed television show with merit from both viewers and critics alike.

The show stars Mike Colter as super strong, former convict Luke Cage, who now uses his powers and unbreakable skin to fight crime, as he puts his life back together in Harlem, New York. The character was also portrayed by the same actor in another Netflix original, “Jessica Jones, with whom he had a brief relationship with.

After watching season one, it has become evident why the Cage is so admired, and why the show has reached new heights.

Each and every character in the series is riddled with complex contradictions and layered personalities that weave between both goodness and evil, which makes each one just that much more lovable.

Luke Cage himself shows both his goodness and his flaws in each and every scene he is in, and Mike Colter is able to show Cage’s complexity flawlessly throughout the season. He is able to act stoic, yet somehow confident and arrogant at the same time. He can portray Cage to be violent, charismatic, somber, powerful, quiet and funny in the same scene, while still keeping his actions towards others limited, true to Cage’s secretive personality.

Furthermore, the thrilling action scattered within each episode makes the show just that more compelling. Gritty gangster beat ups, shoot outs, close up bullets to the fac, and a unique camera-style filming all builds up an excitement, which makes viewers even more eager to continue watching the show.

The most compelling aspect of season one of the show, though, was the setting and the cultural aspects built around that setting. The setting in Harlem, New York adds a unique flare to “Luke Cage,” separating it from all the other superhero shows. The hip hop music paired with the city and the characters that represent it make it just that much better.