Review: Dexter finds justice in unique ways


Madyson Kravitz


Dexter is a breathtaking show that focuses on the life of a psychopath who works for the Miami Police Department. He examines blood splatters and determines how and from what angle someone was killed during the day. By night, he is a serial killer who targets uncaught criminals.

The show focuses on Dexter’s journey to get through his differences and keep his night career a secret. Unlike most shows dealing with serial killers, it doesn’t give the “bad childhood” argument. You love Dexter not because you feel bad for him, but because he’s an amazing and kind person that unfortunately, can’t feel emotion.

One of the main ideas is that his life revolves around blood, whether it’s observing blood splatters or him creating them. His skills in his day job reflect in how well he can commit a murder. He looks at how certain murderers killed and copies their crimes.

Dexter has gotten an overall array of good reviews. Rotten Tomatoes gives it an 80 percent success rate from critics, and it earned a 79 percent approval rating from audiences. It’s known for its never ending surprises and suspense as well as it’s cons.

The Showtime drama recently received a number of Emmy nominations, with actor Hall (Dexter) being recognized in the category of ‘Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.’ In interviews, Hall mentions how he never intended for the show to be such an overall success. Dexter looked to be decent, but then turned out to be one of the top shows streaming and on Netflix.

Another main attribute of the show is the amazingly realistic graphics that people say make the show so incredibly compelling. In addition, it’s known for it’s interesting and twisted plot and damaged characters.

Even though Dexter doesn’t feel emotion, there are some love stories through the show and it’s interesting to see how he interacts with people he can’t really love. He goes through romantic relationships where he knows he likes to be around them but physically is incapable of love.

Dexter is a dynamic and unique character who must find himself in a world that thinks and feels very differently than him. With its five star reviews on Metacritic and other popular review sites, and it’s many awards, it is a very highly recommended show for anyone who enjoys some blood and gore with a small love story as well.