Review: Who really is Reddington?


Madyson Kravitz



“Blacklist” is a highly rated series based around the main character Elizabeth Keen. Keen is a FBI profiler who, on her first day of the job, is overwhelmed with surprises. She meets a man named Raymond Reddington who will change her life forever and will take her on dangerous missions.

Keen is forced to work with Reddington, a man escaping the FBI for years, in return for the Blacklist. The list is one of criminals wanted for extremely large crimes such as terrorist attacks, slave trade, large-scale prostitution, and robberies that include extreme amounts of money. She doesn’t know why he chose her or even her past with him, and the whole series is based around that question.

In just the first season, Keen learns that her whole life is a lie, including the man she married. The reason she agrees to work with Reddington, is to learn how her life became such a mystery to her. In this process, she learns to love Raymond Reddington and look up him. The only problem is that he tells her very little about his past and how he became a FBI wanted criminal who somehow knows her.

The series has received very mixed ratings, but most of them remain positive and on the higher side. Rotten Tomatoes, for example, gave the show a 84 percent on the “tomatometer” and said that it was very likeable by the audience. Metacritic gave it a 74 percent and said this was due to an uneasy plot that was not always consistent and could sometimes be confusing to the viewer when trying to follow.

Despite some negative reviews, the series won an Emmy for Outstanding Stunt Coordination For A Drama Series, Limited Series Or Movie. Characters were recognized for their amazing acting skills and their ability to portray such distinct characters. Overall, “Blacklist” was very successful streaming and is available on Netflix.

The show’s success is due to the amazing characterization by actors and actresses such as James Spader and Megan Boone. They had to take on hard roles that included much action and very emotional scenes that were difficult to act through. Reddington had to switch from a hard and unapproachable person to a loving and fatherly figure who cares an uncontrollable amount for Keen and her well-being.

The central question is “why her?” and this is very arguable throughout the show. In the beginning, it’s though that Reddington was her father but then it turns around to make you think the opposite. But thats the compelling aspect of this show, the viewer never really knows how to predict because their are so many surprises and turns in the opposite direction.

This show is good for anyone who enjoys action and familial love as show through how Reddington treats Kean throughout the show. Mystery and paternal love permeate through the show. The viewer gets to follow along on the journey as to finding out how Reddington knows Kean and why he has such an obsession with being close to her.