Déjà Blue: Parkland’s new culinary destination

Déjà Blue: Parkland’s new culinary destination

Andrea Hengber

deja-blueDéjà Blue Restaurant recently opened in Parkland at the Parkland Commons Shopping Center on University Drive.  It is a café, a restaurant and a bar lounge. It’s slogan is “Taste the flavors of the Mediterranean Cuisine” and it boasts that it has food from Italy, Spain, France, Greece, The Middle East and North Africa.

First off, the ambience of this restaurant is probably the nicest you will find in or near Parkland. There is a lakeside deck and you can eat outside facing a beautiful fountain. If you go at the right time, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset while you dine. The inside of the restaurant is also very pretty and classic looking.

“I went to Déjà Blue for a friend’s birthday party and after dinner we enjoyed the open area by the lake to take photos,” sophomore Emily Bernstein said. “The atmosphere was perfect and the service was top notch. I highly recommend this restaurant, especially if you want to sit outside on a nice night.”

As for the menu, Déjà Blue has something for everyone. You can enjoy tapas or antipasti as an appetizer or get a variety of these even as your meal. Some of the most popular choices are mini-meatballs, bruschetta or falafel. They also have 10 different salads to choose from including an Authentic Greek salad and a Distinctive Italian salad.

Some other menu choices are various types of rice, pasta and risotto, numerous types of chicken, beef or shrimp skewers and entrees ranging from salmon, tuna, duck breast, veal, eggplant, chicken, filet mignon and lamb chops. Déjà Blue also offers a variety of daily specials in addition to the regular menu.

Déjà Blue also has a kids menu to fill the needs of all the children in our area. It has the usual items, such as “pasta 4 formaggi” (homemade white mac & cheese) Chicken Tenders, meatballs, mashed potatoes, green beans, brown rice, chick peas and falafel. All kids meals give a dessert choice of fruit salad or “nutella” gelato.

This restaurant has only been open for about a month, but Parkland residents are very excited about it. It brings a special charm to the city, and gives you the feeling that you are eating in Fort Lauderdale.

Déjà Blue is also bringing new jobs to Parkland. They have hired exceptional staff and want to create a successful team. They believe that in order to create this team, they will hire individuals who share their passion, integrity, enthusiasm, professionalism and excellence.

Unparalleled service is not just part of the mission statement at Déjà Blue. They feel that they do not have customers, they have “guests.” All employees show a commitment to each and every one of their guests.

“I have been to Déjà Blue several times,” Parkland Mayor Christine Hunschofsky said. “The indoor dining areas are beautifully appointed and the restaurant has a lovely outdoor dining area as well with a lake view. The food is absolutely delicious and the menu has a wonderful variety of foods from the Mediterranean.”

This new Parkland restaurant is a winner and will hopefully be a great success.