Survivor Season 34: Definitely a game changer


Andrea Hengber

survivor-season-34-all-stars-cast-confirmed-find-out-whos-coming-backOn Wednesday, March 8, a two-hour premiere of Survivor: Game Changers will air on CBS. It also marks Survivor’s 500th episode. The idea behind Game Changers is that the 20 contestants that will be competing will be 20 repeat contestants who have made huge moves in their previous seasons that, according to CBS producers, have notoriously “changed the game.”

According to and Jeff Probst, the host of Survivor since season 1 in 2000, said, “We look for players who understand that the simple math of it is that 19 out of 20 people will lose. There’s probably no escaping that this is a tougher season, because there are no gimmes. The first couple of episodes are so unnerving and uneven.”

There is going to be a lot of tension this season because everybody is going to be looking around wondering who they should align with and who they should try to get out.

As in all Survivor seasons, there will be a few twists thrown in. First off, a new rule in this season says that there will be no re-votes after a tie vote. This means that players must come to an immediate decision of whom to vote out or face drawing rocks immediately.

There will also be a new way to find the immunity idols and new locations for the idols that will likely frustrate many of the contestants. There will be a common theme which is that they are going to have to work to find an idol. Even if they find it, they are going to have to work to get it open or if they find it, they might have to take some sort of risk in public.

Having all 20 contestants be previous players is probably the biggest twist of this season. Survivor fans might have 15 favorite contestants, which is uncommon with prior seasons. It will be very difficult for viewers to decide who to root for and each week it might change. Some of these veteran contestants have even competed on Survivor four times. In previous seasons, some players have had to be medically evacuated early in their season for health issues, and even two of the contestants won the title of Sole Survivor on their season.

Who will win the title of Sole Survivor on Season 34, Game Changers? It should be very exciting and it’s guaranteed to be a player who is willing to make bold moves and is willing to change the direction of the game.