Review: Better than Brooklyn, New York

Karter Cooper

fullsizerenderA local breakfast and lunch favorite of the Coral Springs area, Brooklyn Water Bagel, recently acquired an extension to their beloved restaurant.

This location has expanded to include two new features. The back of the restaurant is currently a designated area for “call ahead and pick up express coffee” service where you can directly pick up and pay for called-in orders without having to wait on line. Next to that area is a retail store set up in an open view concept so as you are waiting for your food order it is easy to browse all the merchandise they have on display such as hats, tee shirts, mugs, candy and soft pretzels. Their intention is to mirror the old time Brooklyn Coney Island area calling their mini store “The Original Brooklyn Store.”

They have packed their small space with other interesting items such as frozen coffee and custard, large wood barrels filled to the top with candy to choose from sold by the pound and a clear counter filled with plenty of other nostalgic candy old Brooklyn is famous for.

“We opened the extension to the restaurant three weeks ago and it is doing very well, receiving all positive reviews,” worker Nicole Lafountain said. “The ‘call ahead’ service we now offer helps a lot so customers don’t have to wait in the long line.”

When you stand in the usual lengthy line, there is a refrigerated counter of bottled drink options, shmears and smoked salmon. As you get closer to the checkout station there is a window with unique flavors displaying their muffin options such as the stud muffin, black and white, double chocolate chip, Heath bar and much more.

After contemplating over the many different menu items to choose from, I went with a simple but delicious choice of the whole wheat everything bagel with smoked salmon cream cheese and a tall glass of their famous “cubsta” coffee. Upon ordering I was handed a number to bring to my seat and a cup filled with coffee ice cubes. I turned a corner and saw different coffee and creamer options. I filled my cup with infused coffee and caramel creamer. It was a sweet, creamy combination any coffee fanatic would enjoy. The bagel was not your normal bagel from the local bagel establishments in the area. Instead, it was large but light and airy with my cream cheese spread filled with generous size chunks of nova. As I ate my bagel, I noticed the wallpaper showing pictures of everything relating to Brooklyn. I consumed my perfect bagel as I viewed the pictures of the famous Coney Island Ferris Wheel and the boardwalk which built on their New York environment. 

The restaurant specialties are the famous iced coffee with coffee ice cubes, Baninis, which is a creation of a bagel and a panini, gourmet muffins and of course their famous Brooklyn water bagels, baked in house from scratch daily, which patrons view through large clear windows as they wait on line to order.  

As believed that some of the best bakeries are assembled in Brooklyn, New York, they have constructed a water filtration and mineralization system that replicates the water found in Brooklyn. They have one of these systems in all their locations. The water is used in the coffee, baking products and Coke fountain drinks.

With the new additions to this restaurant location, it is one of the best bagel “stores” in town.