Wawa opens in Parkland

Wawa opens in Parkland

Fallon Trachtman

Woman gets her free coffee as Wawa enters the neighborhood. Photo by Fallon Trachtman
Woman gets her free coffee as Wawa enters the neighborhood. Photo by Fallon Trachtman

On Oct. 8, 2017, Wawa had a massive ribbon-cutting ceremony in Parkland, entering the community by surprising customers with gift cards, free merchandise and reduced prices.

“It was no surprise; Wawa is always going out of their way to make customers feel welcome,” customer Gayle Block said.

The dreary weather did not stop the gas station from having a large turnout. A lot of the local customers said that they had heard about Wawa from being in northern states, which quickly spread the news of Wawa’s imminent arrival to South Florida. The new store is located conveniently in an area of town with few other places to eat so the manager expects the establishment to become quite popular.

“I couldn’t wait for [my] favorite store to be just a five-minute drive away,” sophomore Jared Block said.

The manager was also very excited about their new choice of location.

“We were in Orlando already, so it was a very easy move to come south,” Wawa manager Preston Russell said.

Wawa originated in the 1800s as an iron-making company that helped in the construction of cannons. It later became known for making textiles, opening dairy farms, creating milkmen and now bringing fresh food and high-quality gas to cities all over the United States.

The manager feels that the best part of his job is talking to people.

“Wawa is just a fun atmosphere to work in and be a part of,” Russell said.

The employees feel that what really sets them apart from other similar chains is their quality of merchandise.

“Our great quality merchandise and exceptional customer service makes us stand out,” Wawa employee Fred Yarmoth said. “It is very comfortable for everybody to come in; we will get to know your name, recognize you and make you feel comfortable.”

The store has been busy since its opening, giving a strong start to a new chain in South Florida.