TV production’s weekly news broadcasts are neglected

Tara Gaines

News anchors Delaney Tarr and Lorenzo Alvarez report the weekly news during a Friday broadcast by TV production. Photo by Daniel Williams

Every Friday during the last ten minutes of class, students from TV production go live and broadcast weekly news. The broadcasts are performed by students in level 2 and 3 TV production classes. One person is selected by TV production teacher Eric Garner as a director for each broadcast.

The broadcasts include news packages put together to tell a story of a person, event or place that affects the community.

The broadcasts are shown at school and are only live-streamed on Friday afternoons. They are not recorded for students to view at home.

The broadcasts are neglected by students attending Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as many are unaware of the existence of these broadcasts. Many TV production students feel distraught by this and would love for more people to be aware of the broadcasts.

“It kind of sucks when you go and do all this work and then nobody knows what you are actually doing,” junior Zakari Kostzer said. “It’s nice for my peers to recognize my hard work and dedication to TV production.”

TV production students feel that the broadcasts are important for people to know about because each week students are working hard to get the broadcasts out on time, and when nobody watches them or even knows about them, all the work goes to waste.

“I had no idea the broadcasts from TV production even went on. I wish my teachers would allow us to watch them on Fridays because it sounds like a great recap of the week, and I would enjoy hearing what is going on in school,” freshman Sophia Avron said.

The broadcasts are an important part of getting information out to students at MSD on current events and school news, according to TV production students. However, greater viewer retention can only be achieved if more teachers agree to give up the last 10 minutes of their last period.