Review: Rise Biscuits and Donuts offers flavorful alternatives to the typical biscuit


Photo by Zoe Gordon

Zoe Gordon

Photo by Zoe Gordon

Full of unique and delicious food combinations, Rise Biscuits Donuts serves both breakfast and lunch at their 15 different locations. First opening their shop in Durham, N.C., the franchise expanded their reach to 14 new locations found throughout the southeast, including one  at The Walk in Coral Springs.

Rise Biscuits Donuts resembles a fast food shop similar to Dunkin Donuts. However, there is outdoor and indoor seating, giving the restaurant a more relaxed and sit-down feel.

Upon entering, the donut and biscuit shop has a small but cozy ambience. The restaurant is clean and vibrant, leaving customers with a positive first impression. There is a display full of mouthwatering donuts showcasing their various creations such as “Raspberry Jelly,” “Apple Fritter,” “Creme Brulee,” “Red Velvet Cake,” “Maple Bacon Bar,” “Cinnamon Twist” and many other sweet treats.

The menu highlights delicious lunch items served on a fresh biscuit such as “Bacon, Fried Egg and Cheese,” “Chorizo Mac N Cheese” and “Fried Green Tomato” as well as providing fresh salads, side items and drinks like coffee, sodas, orange juice, lemonade, milk and iced tea.

Though everything looked delicious, the “Red Velvet Cake” with cream cheese frosting, the panko crusted “Fried Green Tomato” on a fresh biscuit and the chilled chocolate milk seemed like the most mouthwatering options to order. The price is very reasonable and affordable for the creative, fresh food that they offer. The donuts range from $1 to $3 per donut while the lunch items are about $3 to $7.

The presentation of the food was not spectacular. Although the donut looked vibrant, the biscuit sandwich looked ordinary and was served in a paper bag.

Despite the average presentation, the dishes taste sensational. The red velvet cake donut is a perfect balance of sweet and savory, making it a very memorable first bite. The sugar of the red velvet hits the tongue first and combines beautifully with the savory cream cheese icing.

The biscuits, however, are the big star. Coming from a person who does not typically order biscuits, this biscuit is seasoned to perfection and has a warm flakey buttery crust that matches perfectly with the crunchy shell of the green tomato. Served with honey, this treat has all of the flavors of sweet, savory and a little tart of the green tomato that makes it delightful to eat.   

The restaurant is very impressive. Not only does the food taste amazing, but the workers are also friendly, the price is affordable, the restaurant is clean and the food is served instantly. If you are around the area and want a quick bite to eat, Rise Biscuits Donuts is definitely the place to go.