Senior Crowning: R1SIN9 UP


Photo by Tara Gaines

Mallory Muller

Juniors Jessica Popkin and Tara Gaines pose with their festive crowns. Photo by Tara Gaines

On Tuesday, May 29, rising seniors excitedly displayed their decorated crowns by wearing them to school along with senior shirts. The seniors paired the crowns with black attire which made for photos that showed the exalting celebration.

Leadership designs the class shirts and paints the crowns that they get from Burger King black. Students purchase these a week prior to wearing them for ten dollars and can begin decorating them however they please.

This is the day the class of 2019 had been waiting for. Crowning represents moving up a grade and commemorates the past three years of hard work that students have put in.

Typically, the crowns say “senior” and the year the class will graduate. As per usual, students became super creative and embellished these crowns to the maximum.

Crowns were decorated by students with flowers, diamonds, and glitter in hopes of making their crown stand out. A plethora of pictures are often posted on social media where rising seniors can show off their crowns while posing with friends.

“I got to put my personality into my crown and show who I really was,” junior Julie Piedra said.

Piedra bedazzled her crown with pearls and rhinestones showing off her girly, edgy and original style.

The purchase included the senior class shirt which reads “Senior” on the front, and says “R1SIN9 UP” on the back with 17 eagles, in commemoration of the 17 victims of Feb. 14.

Many students also found ways to honor the victims on their crowns by using colors specific to a certain victim or placing various memorabilia pertaining to them.

However, not all rising seniors participate. Junior Hunter Fitz-Gerald decided not to decorate a crown and wear it to school with any decorum.

“I might just decorate one later this week for the memories but unfortunately I did not have time to make one before Tuesday,” Fitz-Gerald said. “I am a little bummed because so many students went all out, it would have been great to have been one of them.”

For many students, this day was full of youthful fun and a break from hard school work. It also signified the end of a difficult school year and the start of the last year for the class of 2019.