NAHS Welcomes Three Presidents to Club

Anna Dittman

On Wednesday, Aug. 29, the National Art Honor Society held its first meeting since previous art teacher Lauren Rosa headed the club. In their first meeting, NAHS held an election for all officer positions, including the position of president. With a turn of events, NAHS welcomed three new presidents to its ranks.

Seniors Kaylee Neswek, Emily Hollander, and Emily Melamed are appointed as presidents of NAHS.

Seniors Kaylee Nezwek, Emily Hollander and Emily Melamed all stood when it was time to elect a new president, all giving their own unique speeches and ideas. At the end, art and ceramics teacher Jacquelene Lieberman decided to reward all three the name of president. They all have the shared responsibility of running the club, however each is assigned to head one of three aspects.

At each meeting, Nezwek’s role is to organize and facilitate current activities and inform members of any changes or upcoming projects. She regulates member participation and communicates ideas and club activities with Lieberman.

“I’ve never been president of an honor society before,” Nezwek said. “I really want to take it as an opportunity to work on my leadership skills for college. It’s going to be a really great learning opportunity for me by being able to work with new people and form new relationships.”

If a member has an idea or comes across something that would benefit the club, he or she would talk to Hollander. Her position involves working with finances. She sorts through the ideas members come up with involving ways for the club to hold fundraisers, as well as get involved with different charities in the community.

“I’d like to raise more money this year because I believe that every year we struggle a bit to get the amount of money for the things that we need for all of the things we need to do,” Hollander said. “Also having a few more events to bring the club together because we usually don’t do much as one club. So this year I’d like to make sure that we’re doing more things together than individually.”

Recently, Melamed has been dedicating her time to a mural in honor of the 17 lives lost on Feb. 14. The project started at the beginning of summer in Wilton Manors, with Advanced Placement art students visiting to paint the mural, which features each of the 17 victims.  Because of her dedication, she is in charge of future murals and artistic projects for NAHS.

“My goal this year is to encourage more members to join us with the mural project. I’d like to finish it before the first semester of school is finished so the community can come see it,” Melamed said. “I’d also like to collaborate with the other officers to produce creative ideas for fundraising.”

Combining the ideas of the three new presidents can lead to many possibilities for NAHS to become better than it had been in the past years.