Seniors sign for their futures


Senior Dianjelo Amaya celebrates signing to college with his family and administrators

Mallory Muller

Senior Dianjelo Amaya celebrates signing to college with his family and administrators. Photo By; Darian Williams

On Wednesday, Feb. 6, five seniors committed to colleges across the country in hopes to pursue their athletic dreams as well as their education. Signing day is a major deal for young athletes who hope to pursue a career in both collegiate level athletics and possibly even at a professional level.
Seniors Luis Esposito committed to Broward College for baseball, Ocean Parodie committed to Allegheny College in Pittsburgh for football and Diangelo Amaya committed to Saint Thomas University in Miami for football.
Seniors Juliana Campos and Kacey Bartley both committed for softball. Campos committed to ASA College in Miami, and Bartley committed to Miami-Dade College.
“I was excited to see him sign, I signed back in November and he was here to watch me,” senior Julie Piedra said. “I can imagine that he is just as excited as I was.”
The event was hosted by athletic director Lauren Rubenstein. Principal Ty Thompson had an introduction and mentioned how proud he was of the students for all of their hard work and dedication.
“You underclassmen should look at these seniors and aspire to show the same attendance, athleticism, and academics as they did if you hope to be up on this stage one day,” Thompson said.
The auditorium was filled with students from all grades along with their coaches in teacher who wanted to show support.
The ceremony closed with pictures and cake for family members and the signees.