Julia Corin

Community Clean-up. Along with her teammates from the women’s varsity soccer team, senior Emma Jacobs helps pull out weeds in a planted area of the MSD courtyard. Jacobs favorite form of community service is volunteering at local soccer camps, where she can help teach kids how to play soccer.

How helping others can help you

Listen, I could sit here all day insisting that you become a better person. At this point I think we all have the script down to a science: infidelity is wrong says the spouses; plagiarism is wrong says the teachers; eating fatty foods is wrong […]

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Illustration by Joanna Zhuang

Teens must never lose holiday spirit

For just a few months, the realists in all of us are temporarily smothered under reindeer blowups, thanksgiving turkeys, ghosts and goblins and dancing lights that run the rims of rooftops. While most of us teenagers wrap up college applications, rather than wrapping presents, its […]

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