[Brief] Men’s varsity lacrosse team plays first two games of the season

The men’s varsity lacrosse team had their first game in the season on Feb. 19 against North Broward Preparatory School. It was an away game, and the they won against North Broward Prep with a score of 19-5.

“It was a pretty easy game against North Broward,” goalie Alex Moscou (10) said.

The team had their second game on Feb. 22 against St. Thomas Aquinas. It was also their first home game of the season. The Eagles lost with a score of 22-9.

“It was a really rough game. We stuck with them in the first quarter and couldn’t seem to keep up the rest of the game,” Moscou said. “It’s still very early in the season and we are getting ready to face them again when the time comes.”